10 Diabetes-Friendly Sweet and Savory Snacks for Kids

Kids not only like snacks, they need snacks to help keep their energy levels up and their blood sugar controlled throughout the day. Here's how to make quick, easy, and nutritious snacks your kids will love!

Ban Junk Food

Ban Junk Food
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Think of your kids' snacks as mini-meals, and plan them in the same way by incorporating different types of food groups.

That way, your kids will be snacking on wholesome treats, rather than worrisome junk foods that may be long on fun, but short on nutrition. Emphasize the positive traits of fresh food in terms of flavor and texture by mentioning the sweetness of fresh fruit or the crunchiness of raw veggies. Rather than demand your children eat healthier foods, provide plenty of wholesome choices. Be a good role model by choosing healthier foods yourself too!
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