7 Easy Lunch Ideas for Steady Blood Sugar

You’re already saving yourself time and morning stress if you prepare and pack your lunch the night before you need it. Give yourself an even bigger break by preparing a week’s worth of simple “meal kits” on Sunday.

Get Organized on Sunday

Get Organized on Sunday
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A Supply of Food Containers Makes it Easy

Taking your lunch to work or school every day is easy if you’re well-equipped with an assortment of travel containers, a little prep time on the weekend, and a few simple make-ahead recipe ideas, like those that follow. Besides organizing ingredients and preparing the main dish or two in advance, have some small snacks also ready to go, such as low-sugar flavored yogurts and individual-size cheese-nut-dried fruit combos, which you can purchase pre-packaged or measure out yourself. And don’t forget to fill and refrigerate your water bottle the night before!
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