5 Tips for How to Cook More Healthy Meals at Home

Written by Alma Schneider

Cooking healthy meals on a consistent basis does not happen in a vacuum. In fact, one of the keys to preparing and enjoying more meals at home starts with getting organized. The payoff for you: high-quality ingredients and meals that taste good and help you better manage your diabetes.

As someone who coaches women and men on how to "take back the kitchen" —while also raising my four children—I know the true value of what getting organized means. Ultimately, it means less stress and time pondering what to cook, fewer trips to the foodstore, less frivolous spending, and way fewer opporunities to resort to take-out, fast food and preprared, proccessed foods. When you're in charge, you control how much sugar, sodium and fat winds up in your food.

Ready to get started? Here are my go-to tips on getting organized with shopping and meal prep:

In a nutshell (and nuts are healthy!) the more commmitted we are to planning, prepping and organization, the bigger payoff we'll have with our health.


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