Holiday Travel Messing with Your Workout Routine? Not Anymore

Written by Nicole Glor

We all know that traveling entails a whole lotta sitting and waiting, not to mention ample bad food opportunities. With the unhealthy cards stacked against you—and the added layer of holiday stress—it's even more critical to commit to fitting in fitness when you travel. Your body will thank you for the extra blood pumping, calorie burning and stress-fighting, feel-good endorphin releasing.

Here are my top tips for what to pack, ways to move more, and which foods will keep you feeling fit: 

Pack the right gear

If your go-to excuse for not hitting the hotel gym or going for a walk is 'I don’t have sneakers with me' or 'I forgot my workout clothes' that's about to change. 

Get creative about when and where you workout 

Choose smart food and drink options 


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