Too Sedentary? Try These Easy Morning, Noon and Nighttime Moves

Written by Nicole Glor


Science has established a link between diabetes and sitting for prolonged periods. If you have a desk job or spend hours in front of the TV, chances are you're putting yourself at risk for a host of health problems, including diabetes. If already have diabetes, being sedentary can make the problem worse. Regular exercise is also linked to better blood sugar control and weight loss. 


You don't necessarily need to carve out a designated block of time to reap the benefits of exercise. I've put together three short videos for you—each one is less than 3 minutes. Try incorporating them throughout your day. These moves can be done anywhere and no special equipment is necessary. Do Video 1 first thing in the morning—before you even brush your teeth! (Come on, it's only 2 minutes!). Do Video 2 at lunchtime and Video 3 right before you go to sleep.