OmniPod Versus Animas: Why I Chose to Switch and What You Need to Know

Written by Quinn Nystrom

About 15 years ago I became a fan of the insulin pump. At first, I was unsure of how wearing a medical device with tubing 24/7 was going to work, but over time I got used to it. 

Looking back, I have to admit I thought of some pretty clever ways to accommodate my wardrobe and my life to make the contraption discreet. I would tuck my Medtronic pump in Spanx underneath a dress; constructing a makeshift ankle band to hide tubing under long skirts or wide trousers; affix a pocket on the back of an infinity scarf, etc. When their first continuous glucose monitor (CGM) came out, I tried that too. But I found it painful, inaccurate and very expensive.

At a speaking event a couple of years later, I met a woman with type 1 who filled me in about the Dexcom CGM. It was love at first sight! It wasn’t painful, gave me accurate readings and was very easy to insert. The ease-of-use experience led me to switch to the Animas Vibe because it was integrated with their CGM. I loved that about it!

Unfortunately, I was still always looking for places to tuck my pump. Even worse,  there were countless times my tubing got caught on a ledge, door handle or banister! To be honest, there were also times (an embarrassing number of them) that after getting out of the shower I would put the pump in my bathrobe, forget and then take off my robe and throw it on my bed—OUCH!!!.

This summer I was attending the American Association of Diabetes Educators conference and I happened to stop by the OmniPod booth. I didn’t think I had the option of changing pumps at this point because I was still under warranty but I decided to inquire anyway. Good thing I did—especially now in the wake of the news that Johnson and Johnson is shutting down Animas. They told me about a program that they had going on through the rest of this year so I joined on the spot.

The details of their "Welcome to Insulet" program for Animas users include:

What did I have to lose? If I didn’t like it, then I could just send it back. I've been a "podder" now for two months and here is my honest pro and con list: 



Let me know what you love about your pump, or if you have any other questions for me about the pumps and CGM’s that I’ve worn.

One final note if you are an Animas user you can access more information about next steps by visiting the company's website or calling the following toll-free numbers: 

One more thing, in spite of what the press materials may lead you to believe you do NOT have to select the Medtronic pump. Medtronic is partnering with Animas but there are other insulin pumps on the market including the Insulet Omnipod and the Tandem t-slim insulin pump. My advice is to take the time to get unbiased information from fellow type 1s and your diabetes management team before you decide.