The Essential Diabetes Travel Bag

Written by Nicole Joseph
Reviewed by Amy Hess Fischl, MS, RD, LDN, BC-ADM, CDE

Whether you’re traveling for 2 days or 2 weeks, your packing goal is probably the same: to pack and travel as lightly as possible. Skyrocketing baggage fees—not to mention the hassle of toting around extra luggage—can make you more inclined to leave unnecessary items behind whenever possible.  However, for people with type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes, a host of essential health-related travel items can make the goal of traveling lightly seem impossible.

From syringes and pen needles to blood glucose meters, the supplies you need to manage your health while you’re away can seem daunting.

This article offers a list of common “must-haves” for the management of diabetes during your vacation. Be sure to consult with your healthcare professional to discuss any essential additions or subtractions that can keep you healthy—while lightening your load.  

Dedicate time to packing up your essential diabetes travel bag well advance of your trip. This can help you make sure that you have all of the items you need to keep you safe and healthy, no matter how long or far you travel.

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