Four Diabetics and Kate: Traveling with Diabetes

Written by Kristi Caporoso

   Hello all! I know you're all probably curious about the title of my first blog. But currently I am writing from LaGuardia airport, en route to Disney World--with two other diabetics. And of course my lifelong friend and brave soul Kate. And you are we going to visit? Another friend with diabetes. 

   I'm sure by now you can tell that I have numerous friends with diabetes. But I'll get into that and my whole life story in the next blog, when I'm not waiting for my delayed plane to arrive.

   Travel isn't necessarily something you would think would be affected by diabetes, at least not off the top of your head. But seeing as this morning I've gotten frisked and scanned because of my pump and medical supplies, it is definitely something that plays a factor. Being prepared for these things and packing extra syringes and insulin along with your extra underwear is important. Here are some tips I've learned about traveling with diabetes:    

And now, as the captain has turned on the power down cell phones sign, I must go. You most likely won't hear from me until the end of the week, when I return. Wish us (especially Kate) luck!!