Burden and Blessing

Written by Katrina Huckabay

When Type 1 Diabetes rudely enters your life it can seem like such a huge burden. Learning how to give insulin injections, checking blood sugars, carbohydrate counting, reading a nutrition label, measuring and weighing food so you can give the proper dose of insulin to cover the number of carbohydrates being consumed, and then also come the emotions surrounding the diagnosis and what will become your families “new” life. Sadness, anger, guilt, worry, fear, and many more emotions that can burden us down. Sadly even many years after diagnosis Type 1 Diabetes can/will seem like a burden because there will be days when blood sugars are raging like made and it looks like a rollercoaster from hell, there may be a very stubborn low that will not come up, the PWD may be going through burn-out and not taking care of themselves as well as they should, or the parent of a CWD may have an emotional breakdown because of multiple causes.

Type 1 Diabetes will be a burden many times throughout the years BUT I am here to say that having this diagnosis has been a blessing in my own personal life. Now don’t get me know I do not wish this diagnosis upon anyone but since it was obviously in our cards to have my daughter live with T1D I have found many blessings that have come from her diagnosis.

Many of the blessings that I have found that have come directly because of T1D are:

So while T1D can be a HUGE burden in my mind it can also be a blessing. What are your blessings? What are your burdens?