Everything in Moderation---Except Wild Abandon

Written by Keith Carlson, RN, BSN, NC-BC

I once had a friend who would say, "everything in moderation---except wild abandon". While I had always heard the ages-old phrase regarding moderation, the addition of "except wild abandon" always struck me as both ironic and a helpful, healthy reminder.

Moderation Does Help

Now, don't get me wrong; moderation is wonderful when it comes to carbohydrate intake, alcohol use, staying up late, and otherwise burning one's proverbial wick at both ends. When we're young, moderation can seem like the last thing we want, but as the decades pass, it can be more and more welcome to our aging bodies. 

Moderation is also helpful in terms of not overdoing it when we exercise, keeping our risk-taking behaviors in check, and otherwise calming the urges that could lead to some level of self-harm. 

Where Does Wild Adandon Fit In? 

When we think of wild abandon, we don't necessarily have to think about overdoing our carb intake, consuming massive amounts of alcohol or drugs, or otherwise engaging in practices that may hurt us---or at least set us back in terms of our health. 

To wit, wild abandon can pertain to many things: 

Wild abandon doesn't need to mean throwing caution to the winds in terms of your health, but it might mean opening the doors of your life to more spontaneous joy, play or serendipity. 

How Can You Allow For Wild Abandon? 

How can you allow for more wild abandon in your life? Where can you loosen up, experience more joy, or benefit from more spontaneous or planned pleasure? 

This is food for thought, but don't think too long. Do it!