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Ginger Vieira has lived with type 1 diabetes and Celiac disease since 1999, and fibromyalgia since 2014. She is the author of several books including Pregnancy with Type 1 Diabetes; Dealing with Diabetes BurnoutEmotional Eating with Diabetes, and Your Diabetes Science Experiment.

Ginger creates content regularly for Diabetes Strong, Healthline, HealthCentral, DiabetesDaily, EverydayHealth, and for her YouTube Channel. Her background also includes earning a B.S. degree in professional writing, certifications in cognitive coaching, Ashtanga yoga, and personal training with several records in drug-free powerlifting.

She lives in Vermont with her husband, their 2 young daughters.

Articles Written by Ginger Vieira

Diabetes and Pregnancy: 5 Things I'll Do Differently With Baby #2

As I write this I'm at the start of my 2nd trimester of my 2nd pregnancy. My first born is a healthy toddler and I have lived and learned from the first go round. Here are my tips for staying calm and keeping your blood sugars stable when you have type 1 diabetes and a baby on the way.
Pregnant with baby #2, type 1 writer Ginger Vieira on what she'll do differently to keep her blood sugar under control this time around.

Go Ahead, Call Me Diabetic

I've been living with type 1 diabetes for decades and the term diabetic doesn't offend me. But there's another word I do find really offensive.
A writer living with type 1 diabetes admits the term "diabetic" doesn't offend her but explains a term that does.

Why I'm Motivated to Maintain a 6.0 A1C with Type 1 Diabetes

So why go to such lengths to maintain an A1C of 6.0 when the American Diabetes Association says an A1C of 7 or less is desirable for people with type 1 and type diabetes? And the recommendation from the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologist (AACE) is less than 6.5? That's easy.

5 Tips for Lowering Your A1C

A good way to improve your health if you have diabetes is to lower your A1C level. Here's how one writer with type 1 diabetes does it.

Inhaled Insulin: Meet a Type 1 Who Uses Afrezza And Keeps Her A1C Below 6.0

Afrezza Inhaled Insulin isn't widely used, but that may have less to do with the actual product and its delivery system than other factors including health insurance coverage. Here is the story of a patient who uses it with great results.
Meet a type 1 who uses Afreeza Inhaled Insulin with terrific results. She says it helps her keep her A1C below 6.0, which is impressive by any measure.

Daniele Hargenrader Knows the Secret to Changing a Bad Relationship with Food and Exercise

The Diabetes Dominator has helped legions of people stop destructive eating behavior. Prepare to be inspired to make lasting changes with her tips.
Meet the Diabetes Dominator: Daniele Hargenrader is a type 1 author, nutritionist, speaker, diabetes coach and certified personal trainer. Her 6-pillar system has helped legions of people stop self-destructive eating behavior to go on to live better with diabetes. Prepared to be inspired to make lasting changes.

Anxiety & Type 1 Diabetes: Why It Happens & What to Do About It

Generalized anxiety in people with diabetes is a thing. Here, an expert explains the connection and offers tips to overcome it.
Anxiety and type 1 diabetes is a real thing. Here an expert explains the link to help you better understand your triggers and how to manage them.

How to Workout Without Causing Hypoglycemia

Learn the best time of day to exercise to avoid blood sugar-related interference.
If you have type 1 diabetes, learn how a fasted-cardio workout, first thing in the morning, can help you avoid hypoglycemia.

Finding Diabetes Supplies for Less: 12 Ways To Save Money on Diabetes Supplies and Meds

For a person living with diabetes, medical expenses are more than two times higher than someone who does not have diabetes. Here is expert advice to help you cut costs without cutting quality.
Living with diabetes is expensive. Here is expert advice on how to save money managing your blood sugars.

Diabetes Without Health Insurance: Resources to Help You Get What You Need

If you are living with diabetes and you don’t have health insurance or you are insured but living below the poverty line, you need to know about these resources.
If you are living with diabetes and you don’t have health insurance or you are insurance but living below the poverty line, you need to know about these resources.

A Dozen Great Gifts for People with Type 2 Diabetes

Living with a chronic disease isn't easy and sometimes well-meaning family and friends give us gifts that make us feel worse! Here, some blood-sugar friendly snacks, books, and useful items that you might not know about unless you also live with diabetes!
Great gift ideas for people on your list who live with diabetes, compiled by a writer who lives with diabetes. Happy Holidays.

12 Great Gifts for People with Type 1 Diabetes

Thoughtful, useful and tasty options that your loved ones with diabetes will be excited to unwrap on Christmas morning!
Eleven great holiday gifts for people with type 1 diabetes compiled by a writer with type 1 diabetes.

Pizza and Diabetes: How to Eat Pizza Without Sabotaging Your Blood Sugars

A Type 1 writer gives guidelines on how to dose insulin so you can occasionally indulge in high-carb/high-fat foods without making your blood sugars soar.

Hate Math? Tips for Managing Diabetes With Less Numbers

Whether you call it math, carb-counting or SWAG (scientific and wildly amazing guess), day-to-day diabetes management involves a lot of numbers. If math has never come easily to you, here are some ways to manage blood sugar with less number crunching.
A type 1 writer, and proclaimed math hater, shares expert tips for managing blood sugar with less number crunching.

6 Reasons Why I Don't Use An Insulin Pump

Living with type 1 diabetes is challenging but there are many valid reasons some still choose to manage blood sugar the old fashioned way—with injections. Here, one viewpoint.
A long-time type 1 explains the reasons why she manages her blood sugar with injections instead of technology.

Diabetes Camp: Why Forcing Your Child to Go May Be The Best Decision Ever

At diabetes summer camps, kids with diabetes are just like all the other kids at the table in a place where everyone checks their blood sugar.
Diabetes summer camp is a place where everyone checks their blood sugar. Learn why sending your T1D child may be one of the smartest parenting decision you'll ever make.

How to Be a Polite Dinner Guest When You Have Type 1 Diabetes

Expert advice on how to avoid unwanted carbs and hurt feelings at family gatherings.
Expert advice on how to keep blood sugars from fluctuating--without hurting feelings--at your next family gathering.

How to Improve Blood Sugar Control During Your Period

As if blood sugar management isn’t hard enough already, adding in the constantly changing hormone levels of a woman’s menstrual cycle seems like a cruel joke. Here's how to get blood sugar control when your hormones are out of control.
The menstrual cycle can cause changes in blood glucose levels. A T1D expert offers tips for controlling blood sugar when hormone levels are constantly changing.

How to Beat Diabetes Burnout

The only way out is through
Diabetes burnout. The phrase can mean so many different things to anyone who lives with any type of diabetes, and it can be triggered by any number of events or by nothing more than the daily physical and mental burden of living this disease. Find out how to beat diabetes burnout here.

3 Reasons Why I Love Tresiba Insulin and Have No Regrets

The author has been living with type 1 diabetes and Celiac disease since 1991. Here she explains why she prefers using long-acting insulin to wearing a pump.

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