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New York, NY

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Emily stumbled, or rather crashed, into Type 1 diabetes at the age of twenty. She was diagnosed the summer after her sophomore year of college at Boston University, where she studied Journalism with a concentration in Political Science. Emily’s relatively late diagnosis gave her perspective—making her aware of a glaring ignorance surrounding the chronic illness. Before she knew it, she was reading up on anything and everything Type 1-related she could find. In fact, in 2015 she was so fed-up with the lack of Type 1 awareness that she penned an article for describing what it was like to walk the hallowed halls of Boston University with a juice box in-tow.

Boston University is also where Emily met her Pancreas Pal, Christie. The ladies both discovered an innate desire to educate and normalize the conversation surrounding their shared disease. When the diabesties found themselves in different area codes after college, they maintained a weekly phone call and often found themselves joking around about recording their conversations to help fellow struggling Type 1 peers. Eventually that joke became a reality and Pancreas Pals was born. The pair have been calling each other every Sunday since–making sure to check in with themselves and one another along the way.

On top of her podcast, Emily has held titles of Assistant Editor at two fashion industry websites, Vamp and Rivet, and recently began a job as a Specialist in Marketing for a popular footwear brand.

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