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My name is Anna and I am many things: I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, a friend.  I love animals, the ocean, black and white photography and the excitement of a thunderstorm in the skies.  I surf and snowboard, although I would love to do both a little more 'upright'.  I also have type 1 diabetes.  Juvenile onset, insulin dependent; the beast has many names. Diagnosed at four years old and now in my 26th year with diabetes, I have been through every stage there is; I was the child who didn't understand it, the teenager who fought it and the adult who eventually accepted it. 

I found my way with diabetes by emersing myself in the diabetes community, embracing medical technologies in the form of an insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring, and in the midst of this began my blog, Insulin Independent.  As the name might suggest, it represents how I finally discovered independence after the invasion of a stowaway who goes by the name of D. 

I am now in my fourth year as a blogger with over 10,000 hits a month, was voted one of the Top 10 UK diabetes blogs and give talks about my trials and tribulations at events up and down the country.

So thank you for joining me, it's great to meet you.

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