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New Brunswick, NJ

About Kristi Caporoso

A little over 20 years ago--when I was thirteen months old--I was diagnosed with type one diabetes, and it was and still continues to be something to learn from, something to grow from, something to complain about, and something to be grateful for. Now I'm your typical Rutgers undergrad student trying to make it through college with adequate diabetes management, spreading of education and elimination of ignorance, good grades, and just a touch of sanity. Born and raised in North Jersey--just a small town (diabetic) girl.

Recent blog posts from Kristi Caporoso

Exhaustion Doesn't Always Mean Nap Time

Mental exhaustion is a very real thing for type 1 diabetics.

Insurance: A Double-Edged Sword

Ah, insurance. Is there anything we love complaining about more? It gives us what we need, yet never seems to fit our needs just quite right.

PSA: Think Before You Speak

This is something we were all taught as children, right? Or was it just me?

Book Review: Journey of a Diabetic

I recently picked up a book from the library by Lawrence Pray titled Journey of a Diabetic.  This isn't the typical read I usually look for, since I eat sleep and breathe diabetes eve

Taking Diabetes to the Beach

Ah, summertime.  No school, no snow, and most importantly, the beach.  Or the pool.  Whichever you prefer.  I myself am a lake girl, but I love the ocean too.  But while mo


Anybody who knows my mom knows that she is a force to be reckoned with.  When I was first diagnosed with type one diabetes at 13 months old, the first meal the nurses brought to me when I coul

Pros and Cons of Pump Hot Spots

     Opinions of being on the pump versus shots or a pen are often swayed by the dilemma of where the chunky little lifesaver will actually go once it's on you.  This is us

PSA: Pet Peeves Every Person with Type 1 Diabetes Wants you to Stop Doing

     Everyone is annoyed by something.  We all have our own little pet peeves; some common, some unique to each individual.  But there are several pet peeves

My First Adult Endocrinologist Appointment, AKA Quarter-life Crisis

     Ah, growing up.  Is there anything that better defines the word "bittersweet"?  Probably not.  As quickly as we gain our long-desired indepen

Response to The Fault in Our Stars

     I'm sure all of you felt different things as you read the title of this blog.  What does a NY Times Best Seller have to do with diabetes? Does this girl have cancer?

Three Tips to Pump Your Way Through the Holidays

     The holidays may be a joyous time for all, but it can also be a stressful time for the body of a diabetic.  All those candy canes, pies, New Year's Eve champagne; it c

Roller Coaster Ride

     I'm sure you can't count on all your fingers and toes the number of times you've heard diabetes being compared to a roller coaster.  But a mixture of the holidays, ext

School, Work, and Diabetes...Oh My!

    As I'm sure you've all noticed, blogging has had to take a bit of a back seat lately in this diabetic's life. And why is that? Two words: Midterm Season.

Top 3 Dirty Habits of Type 1 Diabetics

   We all have bad habits. Nail biting, knuckle cracking, procrastinating, the list is endless.

Ways to Reap the Benefits of Your Diabetes

   As you read the title to this blog you may be thinking, what benefits? Diabetes, a chronic illness I have been unwillingly saddled with, has benefits? Well the answer is yes.

Making Diabetes Work Out During Your Work Out

   For most of us, exercising is hard. The hard part isn't necessarily the physical act of moving about or working out.

Everything Happens for a Reason

Despite my annoyingly postive attitude towards it, diabetes is not always the easiest burden to bear.

The Same, Only Different

   We've all heard it before: People with diabetes can do whatever they want. We are the same as every other kid, teen, and adult.

Back to School With Diabetes

Well folks, it's that time of year again--back to school time.

A Proper Introduction

    Now that I'm back from the most magical place on earth (aka Disney World) and finally almost recovered from my jet lag and post-Disney dysphoria, I figured it would be an appropr

Four Diabetics and Kate: Traveling with Diabetes

   Hello all! I know you're all probably curious about the title of my first blog. But currently I am writing from LaGuardia airport, en route to Disney World--with two other diabetics.

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