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Keith Carlson, RN, BSN, NC-BC has been a nurse since 1996. He is the well-known blogger behind the award-winning nursing blog, Digital Doorway, and is the founder of Nurse Keith Coaching and Keith is an editorial contributor for Working Nurse Magazine, and, and has been a featured author in several non-fiction nursing books by Kaplan Publishing. Keith is the co-host and co-founder of RN.FM Radio, the newest Internet radio station devoted to the nursing profession. Keith’s passion is helping nurses and healthcare professionals find satisfaction in their personal and professional lives by preventing burnout, fostering optimal health, and manifesting the ultimate balance between workstyle and lifestyle.

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Question About Coconut Sugar

Keith Carlson, RN, BSN, NC-BC answers a question from a reader on the use of coconut sugar.
Coconut sugar and diabetes. Keith Carlson, RN, BSN, NC-BC, answers a readers question about coconut sugar and blood sugar.

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Diabetes and the Great Outdoors

As a person with diabetes, do you like to hike, swim, bike, or go camping?

Family and Diabetes

When you're living with diabetes or another chronic condition, what does that mean in terms of your family life?

Being With Diabetes

When you are living with a chronic illness like diabetes, a wide variety of emotions can percolate at any time.

Diabetes and Technology

In a recent post, I wrote about the influence of telemedici

As Summer Wanes: Making Adjustments for Your Diabetes

As summer slowly comes to a close, the kids begin to go back to school in some parts of the country by mid-August, and the anticipation of fall begins to make itself kno

Alternative Healing and Diabetes

In 2015, the availabilty of complementary or alternative forms of healing is widespread.

Reading Diabetes Research: How to Have a More Critical Eye

When you hear about the latest research on diabetes or other diseases, it's prudent to have an open mind, and to also approach research results with a critical eye. 

Diabetes Mind: How to Cultivate a Healthy Mindset

When you are living with a chronic illness or condition, there's a certain level of awareness and mindfulness that you have to cultivate in orde

Who Ya Gonna Call?

When the going gets tough in your life, whether with your health, your finances, or your relationships, who do you reach out to for help and support?

Positive Self-Talk and Your Health

The news is in, folks: Being kind to yourself is good for your health. Yes, self-compassion and positive self-talk are healthy ways to pass the time.

Sharpening Your Awareness

In the course of our busy lives, we can sometimes lose touch with many aspects of both the short- and long-term aspects of our health.

Sharps Disposal: Are You Doing Your Best?

The issue of sharps disposal is a certainty if you are an insulin-dependent diabetic.

The Teacher and the Student

It has been said that teaching can be a great way to learn, and it's also been said that the teacher can sometimes learn as much from the student as the student may learn from the teacher.

Looking for Meaning

In certain circles that some might characterize as "New Age"—or simply spiritual—meaning is often sought for, and assigned to, events and conditions that occur in people's lives.

Keep Positivity on Your Side

Positivity is a human trait that we all generally want more of, and it is also a skill that can be learned, strengthened, and improved throughout your life.

Feeling Resentful?

Those of us who live with chronic illnesses (like diabetes, congestive heart failure, fibromyalgia, etc) may sometimes feel resentful towards those who don't experience suc

Health as Metaphor: Are you feeling Herculean or Sisyphean?

Your health can be viewed in many ways, and metaphor is an interesting tool with which to approach your wellness and diabetes with consciousness an

Radical Acceptance

In our modern society, wanting to change for the better is a normal and accepted modus operandi for many of us.

The Consciousness of Diabetes

Living with a chronic condition like diabetes necessitates the maintaining of a certain level of consciousness that those without such a condition may not understand.

Managing the "Shoulds" of Diabetes

When you have a chronic disease like diabetes, you can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the “shoulds” that can seem like they rule your life and how to

Being Honest With the Person in the Mirror

In last week's post, entitled "Are You Fooling Yourself?", I asked some provocative questions and said some provocative things about the ways in which we can fool

Are You Fooling Yourself?

In honor of April Fool's Day, I would like to post this question: Are you fooling yourself about your health or your practices related to your health? 

Finding Meaning in the Small Things

As humans, we naturally look for meaning in the world around us, but sometimes we miss the cues that there is actually meaning everywhere, even in the very smallest thin

Balance in All Things

The human body has an innate tendency to move in the direction of homeostasis, equilibrium, and balance.

Experiencing Joy and Your Health

Experiencing joy is likely something that most any human being can qualify as a good thing.

Finding Peace of Mind

While peace of mind may not seem like something that's specifically related to diabetes, your peace of mind has a very direct impact on your health at all levels. 

Hydrate Yourself!

Last week, one of my patients went to the hospital with tremors, headache, fatigue, urinary symptoms, and severe constipation. And do you know what the main diagnosis was? Dehydration!

Spring Fever and Weekend Warriors

Well, folks, it's almost spring, and many of us now have what is popularly known as "spring fever".

Listening To Your Intuition

In last week's post, entitled "Listening To Your Body", I discussed how important it is to listen to the signals that your body is sending you.

Listening To Your Body

Begining last night and into this morning, I've been feeling so run down, I've barely been able to manage doing the essentials, let alone anything extra. Has this ever happened to you? 

Investing In Yourself

As the stock market performs its crazy ups and downs, there's one investment that should never be absent from your portfolio, and that's yourself! 

What Are You Mindful Of Today?

Mindfulness is a very popular notion these days, and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) has gained fairly widespread acceptance as a viable way to control stress and improve health.

Practicing Self-Compassion in the New Year

Apropos of last week's post about setting measurable, attainable goals for yourself, this is a great time to talk about self-compassion. Wouldn't you agree? 

When Enough Is Enough

Have you ever had a health-related habit that was incredibly hard to break? Have you been stuck doing the same thing over and over, even though you know it's not good for you?

A Year of Health

Today is New Year's Eve, and tomorrow is when 2015 officially begins. What would you like to do in order to take your health to the next level in the course of the next 12 months? 

Defining Health, Part 2

In my most recent post, "Defining Health", I wrote about the multifaceted quality of health.

Defining Health

There are many definitions of health, and you have the freedom to adhere to the one that works best for you.

Managing Expectations During The Holidays

In last week's post, I wrote about the potential magic of the holidays. Now, holiday magic is all well and good, but what if the holidays don't float your boat?

Holiday Magic

Once again, it's the holiday season. Thanksgiving has come and gone, and the full court press towards Christmas, Hannukah and the New Year are upon us.

Giving Thanks

This is the week when many Americans give thanks for their blessings and express gratitude for many aspects of their lives.

Turning Inward During Winter

If you live in a climate where it gets cold in the winter, you may find yourself spending more time indoors over the coming months.

The Benefits of Equanimity

In last week's post, I shared about the concept of emotional regulation.

Emotional Regulation, Relationships and Your Health

Interpersonal relationships can have a positive or negative impact on your mental and physical health.

As The Holiday Season Looms

Well, it’s that time of year again. The summer has ended, autumn has returned, and Halloween is just around the corner.

The Challenges of Travel

When you have a chronic health condition, travel can present certain challenges.

Expressing Yourself

Last week, I wrote about being yourself, and this week the subject is expressing yourself.

Being Yourself

Life in the 21st century often seems to be calling us to become better, different, more hip, my technologically savvy, or more of anything else that's currently trendy.

Autumn Shift

Well folks, autumn began this past week, and with it brings an opportunity for a shift in perspective. Gone are the picnics, vacations and outings of summer.

Moderating Your Moderation

In last week's post, I wrote about doing things with moderation, but also connecting with the energy and notion of wild abandon. Did you resonate with that? 

Everything in Moderation---Except Wild Abandon

I once had a friend who would say, "everything in moderation---except wild abandon".

Well-Being and Being Well

We all want to be well, and we all want to maintain (and consistently increase) our well-being.

Self-Regulation and You

"Self-regulation" is a psychological term that has great significance in terms of our ability to manage stress and respond to the challenges of life with equanimity and poise.

Emotional Weather Report

It's late summer, the weather is beginning to shift towards fall, the kids are back at school or getting ready to return soon, and before you know it, the changes of autumn are in the air.

Late Summer Abundance

My doctor, who focuses her holistic practice on sound nutrition, says that optimal health is about developing "a love affair with vegetables".

Where Do You Get Support?

There are many individuals living with any number of chronic health conditions, and most of them want and need support.

Respect Between Provider and Patient

If you follow this blog regularly, you know that my last four or five posts have had to do with improving communication with your primary care provider and his or her staff.

Your Doctor's Staff and You

Over the last few weeks, I've been writing about improving and taking control of your relationship with your doctor, especially in terms of communication.

Communicating With Your Doctor

Just today, I realized that I had many things I needed to communicate to my doctor, but my next appointment isn't for another four weeks.

Following Up MD Appointments

In my last two posts, I wrote about "Being Prepared for MD Appointments" and creating "Your Health Summary".

Being Prepared for MD Appointments

Last week, I shared a blog post about creating a health summary/history that you can keep updated and share with your medical providers, both new and old.

Your Health Summary

Whether you have a chronic disease like diabetes or you're a relatively healthy person, it's a great idea to have a current health summary on your computer or in your files.

Summer is Coming!

The official first day of summer is coming this weekend, and this can mean many things for many people.

Taking A Mental Health Day

When we have a fever, a sore throat or the flu, most of us are pretty good about calling out sick from work and staying home to take care of ourselves.

Surviving Versus Thriving

Surviving is what we do from day to day, and human beings are faced with a host of challenges and obstacles with which to contend every day.

Finding Your Rhythm

In the 21st century, it can often feel like our lives are being managed by devices and habits that we previously never had to even consider.

Seeking Homeostasis

All organisms strive to maintain homeostasis, or physiological balance. Whether it be a lion, a human, a guinea pig, a mussel or an amoeba, homeostasis is the goal.

Spring Has Sprung

Back in February, I wrote a post entitled "Spring is Coming", and while I may have jumped the gun on that one, you can imagine that I was just excited at the prosp

What Do You Need To Thrive?

We all have individualized needs in terms of finding the specific aspects of how we can thrive in our lives.

Being Yourself

Amidst the challenges of 21st-century life, we can often feel pigeonholed into being or living in particular ways, and this can frequently result from societal and family pressures that impact us.

Take A Break---For Sanity's Sake

I've mentioned the effects of stress on this blog many times, and I have a feeling I'll be mentioning it again. And again. 

Feeling Your Best

None of us ever feel our best 100% of the time, so what does it take for you to feel your best? What do you have to do in order to feel good?

What Defines You?

Many of us who live with chronic illness often feel defined by our conditions, whether it be by ourselves or by others.

Feelings Are For Feeling

In this fast-paced culture, we can sometimes feel like there's no room for our feelings anywhere.

What Does It Mean To Be Whole?

The word "holistic" is used a lot these days, whether talking about the delivery of health care or even just as a lifestyle choice.

Self Love Is Not For Sissies

There's a lot of talk out there about self-compassion, self-love, and self-esteem, and let me tell you, self-love is not for sissies. 

Give Yourself A Break

Life in the 21st century is a challenge, to say the least, and the multiple demands on us can seem unending. When do you choose to give yourself a break? 

Back to the (Diabetes) Future

OK, let's say it's twenty years from now, and you're looking back on your life, your health, the choices you've made, and how things have turned out for you in 2034.

Spring is Coming!

Last week, I wrote about moderation and wild abandon. For some of us, spring evokes feelings of wild abandon as we shrug off the doldrums of the winter.

Moderation, Wild Abandon, or Both?

I once had a friend who used to say, "everything in moderation---except wild abandon!" I liked this take on the old saying of "everything in moderation", especially when the wild

Are You Still Smoking?

A recent study by researchers at the University of California Los Angeles revealed that the number of American registered nurses who smoke decreased by 36% between 2007 and 2011.

Smile and Laugh: It's Good For Your Health

Did you know that smiling and laughter have been scientifically proven to be good for your health?

Tell Your Story

Just this evening, I was at an open mic storytelling event in Santa Fe, and I told the story of being a nurse blogger.

Surviving Winter

If you live in a part of the country (or world) that's cold this time of year, then you know that January and February (and even March and April) can be times when the winter doldrums can set in.

Staying Positive

Amidst the negativity and stress so rampant in our culture, staying positive can seem like an uphill battle, but it's so very crucial for your physical, emotional and, yes, spiritual health. <

Looking Back and Looking Forward

Well, the year is coming to an end in just a few short hours, and many people spend this time reflecting on the year that's passed and creating hopes for the year to come. How about you? 

The Holidays Are Here: Thrive or Survive?

Well folks, the holidays are here, and all of our preparations, stress and expectations are about to reach their ultimate manifestations as Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Years come and go.

Food And The Holidays

Well, Thanksgiving is next week, and one thing that most Americans will readily admit is that overeating on Thanksgiving (and many other holidays) is almost a cultural rite of passage.

Preparing For The Stress of the Holidays

 As summer ends and we head into fall, thoughts of the holidays begin to arise, and those thoughts tend to involve something we usually want to avoid---stress.

Hydration And You

 Most people know that it’s important to stay hydrated. Do you practice what you already know is important when it comes to hydration?

Self-Care Zombies?

In honor of this week's celebrations of Hallowe'en and Day of the Dead, I've been thinking about the ways in which we become "zombie-like" when it comes to our own wellness and se

A Winter Reboot!

If you're like me, summer is a great time for exercising and being active outdoors, including swimming, walking, hiking and biking.

Manifesting Energy! 6 Tips to Get You Started

Our modern lives can be exhausting, and we can spend a great deal of our time expending energy rather than manifesting it.

It Isn't Only About The Numbers

When you have diabetes, you obviously need to be careful and conscientious about your blood sugars, Hemoglobin A1c and other important measurable parameters.

Relationships and Your Health

When we think about health, we often think in terms of nutrition, hydration, exercise and other aspects of physical health. We may also consider mental, spiritual and emotional health.

Working With Your Thoughts

Our thoughts are powerful things, and they can very directly impact our state of mind, our level of motivation, as well as the way in which we view the world.

How Important Is Fun?

When practicing self-care in relation to a chronic disease like diabetes, it's easy to focus on tight glycemic control, food portions, exercise and getting enough rest.

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