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June 05, 2019

When It Comes to Diabetes, the Eyes Have It

May 15, 2019

The Keto Diet and Type 2 Diabetes: Here's What Happened When I Tried It

 I am a keto diet dropout. 
March 27, 2019

Prediabetes Disbelief: The Confusing Quest to Lower My Cholesterol

March 20, 2019

Surrendering (A Little) to Aging But Not Weight Gain

March 07, 2019

Introducing My Dad and My Favorite Pharmacist

February 20, 2019

Cold Weather and Type 1 Diabetes: Tips to Get You to Spring

I pride myself on being a resident expert on cold weather and snow. Afterall, I was born and raised in northern Minnesota where just this last week temperatures dropped to -60!
February 12, 2019

Dating Advice: What's Love Got to Do with Diabetes?

February 11, 2019

A Love Letter to My Husband from His Type 2 Wife