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D x's 3

As I have posted before for my "Daytime" job is working as an in-home child care provider specializing in the care of CWD.

When a child is diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes a million thoughts go through the parent’s mind, one of which … who will care for my child while I work. Some parents after diagnosis choose to stay at home and be the sole caregiver of their child and their and some search for the right person to care for their child’s medical needs while they are at work.

I know when my daughter Aly was diagnosed it tore my world apart and when we were trying to find child care we were unable to find any child care’s that would take her (at the time I did not know that they legally had to if they received federal funding) so we ended up having her taken care of by multiple family members so that my husband and I could work. I finally found a preschool that she went to for 3 hours per day 2 days a week the only downside was that they did not deal with her diabetes management.

3 years ago my best friend and I chose to quit our careers outside the house and start an in home child care. For the last 2 years I have run the child care by my own and we now specialize in the care of children who have been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

Today is a record here at Kreative Kare, I have always had Aly and 1 other child with T1D in care at the same time but never Aly and 2 other T1D’s. 3x’s the blood sugar checks, 2x’s the insulin pumps and 1 on MDI, 3 different diagnosis dates and 2 different ages, 3x’s the measuring of food, and well everything that diabetes management takes x’s 3.

So far today I have realized that taking care of 3 CWD is no different/harder than 1 CWD in a daycare setting, the CWD love knowing that there are “others who are like them”, and the parents feel comfortable and content knowing that their children are being taken care of with the utmost responsibility and loving care.

On to a fun day of taking care of 3 CWD and their D management


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