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I recently had the privilege to read the book The Complete Diabetes Organizer your guide to a less stressful and more manageable diabetes life.  When I first received this book written by Susan Weiner and Leslie Josel I was not quite sure what to expect from the inside, but once I opened the pages and started reading what I found was nothing short of amazing.

I am the parent of a 9 year old type 1 diabetic and a very disorganized parent in regards to where to store things, how to store them, remembering where I stored things etc. Starting right away in chapter 1 you start to understand how to reach goals, now as a parent and not the type 1 diabetic this section didn’t hit me as intensely in regards to diabetes care but it did make me sit down and think about my own personal exercise regimen. One of the many good things that I found while reading this book is that even though this book is the Complete Diabetes Organizer, the tactics learned in the book can be used in many areas of your life for diabetics and non-diabetics alike.    

The Complete Diabetes Organizer will help you get your diabetes supplies in order, assign them a location, get yourself into a daily routine that works for your schedule so you can stay on your daily schedule that includes blood sugar checks while at work or play. Now I must say that they did not forget about us parents of Type 1 Diabetics in this book pssst …. We have a whole chapter dedicated just to us so make sure you check it out!!

This truly is a must have book in your library collection in my opinion!

If you would like to purchase The Complete Diabetes Organizer your guide to a less stressful and more manageable diabetes life you can order it online through Barnes and Noble or Amazon. This book is also available on the Kindle.

I hope you have as great an experience and learn as much as I did from this book.                                                                  

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