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Mommy Vacation

As a mom we go day in and day out taking care of our children, significant others, houses, and all the other things that come along with being a mother. When you have a child with a special need or medical condition you feel like the day in and day out seems to last just that much longer. My daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes almost 7 years ago and the daily regimen that goes along with her care seems overwhelming some days and as easy smooth as butter others.

When my daughter was younger I never wanted to be away from her or trust her care with anyone else. This on several occasions caused me to have what I call “mommy burn-out”. Now don’t get me wrong I love my children with every breath that I breathe but there were times where I felt burnt out as a mom, tired or my daily in and out, tired of someone depending on me 24/7/365, and tired of not being able to go pee without being interrupted. I would feel that I was not “good enough” for my children, that somehow I was not doing right by my kids and that they would be better off with someone else as their mom (I know it was the burn-out talking). I never took time to myself, I ran myself to the ground between 2 kids, my husband, being a working mom even if it is from home, and also dealing with diabetes which is relentless and plays by no fair set of rules!

Well that changed last weekend! Myself and 2 of my friends decided that we were going to take a MOMMY VACATION away from our children, out into the wilderness where cell coverage was spotty at best, and just relax. For me this vacation was amazing! I stayed up until 12:30am playing cards and board games with these 2 other women, chatting, hiking, sitting by the water and just thinking, heck I even got to take a nap in the middle of the day and the best part was there were no children. No one needing a drink, a diaper change, food, blood sugars checks, carb counting, making sure that insulin was given to cover meals and snacks …. NONE OF IT … and you know what … IT WAS AMAZING!!

My friends and I were gone for under 48 hours but I have learned that it is ok to have time to myself, without the children to regenerate my soul, to enjoy the things that I find fun and soothing. I know many of us mothers feel that if we take any time off away from our families and children that we are doing them a disservice well I have to absolutely disagree and say that if you don’t take time for yourself then you are doing a disservice to yourself and your family. We mothers are people as well! We deserve time to ourselves to take a little break, a breath of fresh air, a little fun.

So if you have not taken a Mommy Vacation lately I definitely recommend one! Get some friends together even if it is just to go out to dinner or heck even a weekend away. Everything will still be there when you get home but I guarantee you will be refreshed and ready to deal with the day in and day outs again and if you are like me and have mommy burn-out sometimes this break might help you overcome it.


This is one picture I took this weekend from my time at Heit's Point

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