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A Mothers Wish

As a mother we always have hopes/dreams/wishes for our children. We have hopes/dreams for how their life will become, who they will grow up to be, what they will do in their life, how they will handle situations, and the list goes on.

Here is a list of 10 wishes/hopes/dreams that I personally have for my own 2 children.

  • I hope that they learn from their mistakes. We are all humans and my children just like everyone else in the world will make mistakes, I just hope that they learn from those mistakes and change for the better.
  • I hope that they will do well in school. As an adult now I can look back and see how important school was, I now realize that I should have put more into school, so my hope is that Aly and Joel both do well with their academics and care about school.
  • For Aly I hope that her diabetes will not hold her back from doing almost anything that she wants in her life, she is a fighter, she can overcome pretty much everything.
  • My wish for my children is for a life full of love, peace, joy, happiness, confidence, success, balance, and contentment.
  • I wish them Love. I want them to know that no matter what their parents will always be on their side, even when it seems that they are all alone.
  • I wish them Peace. I hope that they will Accept who they are and be proud of themselves
  • I wish them Contentment. I hope that they know that where they are is exactly where they are supposed to be. Life changes so fast. There is nothing wrong with striving for better, but don't forget to enjoy the now. I hope they look around be proud of their accomplishments
  • I wish challenge for my 2 children ... an age appropriate learning context complete with obtainable challenges so they can experience the confidence that engenders true accomplishment.
  • I hope they get to experience everything in life that their heart desires and not let world hurdles stop them from these experiences
  • I hope/wish/dream for a CURE for diabetes. I hope someday that Aly can again see the world without having to count every carbohydrate, check her blood sugar 8-10 times a day, worry about stress affecting her blood sugars, the financial constraints around the disease and many more. I hope/wish/dream for a cure for my daughter and the millions of others who suffer from diabetes. 

I wish all of this and so much more for you my children. You both are my heart, my life, and my greatest accomplishments.

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