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What would your comment be on meter accuracy at the Diabetes Technology Society meeting?

What would your comment be on meter accuracy at the Diabetes Technology Society meeting? Well this is a very good question! Test strip accuracy could mean the difference between proper insulin dosing being given to my child or incorrect insulin dosing (either too much or not enough).

As any parent who has a child diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes will tell you we rely 100% of the meter accuracy to properly dose our children with insulin or sweets, wether we are correcting what the meter tells us is a high blood sugar, a low blood sugar, or just a "normal" blood sugar. If the blood glucose meter is improperly relaying the current blood sugar levels many things could happen! Death and Coma being the scariest of these possible outcomes.

At a recent public meeting the FDA acknowledged1 that there are some 510(k) cleared blood glucose (BG) meters and strips that do not meet the accuracy standards for which they were approved. There is currently no clear course of action to insure people with diabetes are using blood glucose strips that meet regulatory requirements

How does that make you feel knowing that we are relying on the accuracy of these blood glucose meters just to find out from the FDA that they DO NOT meet the accuracy standards for which they are approved? I know that this ticks me off to no end!!! There are many times that with the same blood sample we have tested her blood sugar with in seconds of each other and we will get different readings ranging from 20-100 points different than each other. How I treat my child's blood sugar is different when she is 100 compared to 150, with the currently accuracy standards lacking I could possibly dose my child with insulin to bring her down a little if she is 150 when I would have not done any correction if she was 100, well if she was truly 100 and NOT 150 that could possibly send her blood sugar low!

THIS IS NOT OK!!! THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!! We pay so much money for these products just for them to not work accurately and could cause short term and life long issues due to improper dosages of insulin (for a high blood sugar) or sweets (for a low)!

If you would like to help make sure that our government does what it should and properly regulate the accuracy of test strips and blood glucose machines then please consider joining the Strip Safely campaign and also write your Senators and Representative at this site: http://www.usa.gov/Contact/Elected.shtml and ask them to please have an aide study the Diabetes Technology Society proposal so they can support it as a leading voice in Congress for health









Strip Safely: http://www.stripsafely.com/strip/

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