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Will a cure ever come?

Will a cure for Type 1 Diabetes ever come? This question is on the minds of every adult, child, mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, anyone who is touched by the diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes. If a Cure is found what will that Cure look like? Is the Artificial Pancreas a cure? To some it might be what they consider a cure just like many consider man-made insulin a cure.

I personally am on the fence if a true cure will ever be found for Type 1 Diabetes. I absolutely believe that the treatments will continue to get better and that management will continue to become easier but a true cure where my daughter never has to worry about counting carbohydrates, having man-made insulin injected into her body to take over the job that the beta cells were doing, stuffing her face full of carbohydrates when she has a low blood sugar, planning out every extracurricular activity down to what the exercise will do to blood sugar levels, and the list goes on and on.

What does a cure for Type 1 Diabetes look like to you?  A cure to me would be where they are able to bring the beta cells back to life and they do the job they were born to do and produce insulin in their own and regulate blood sugars without any type of outside help or manipulation needed. A pancreas transplant to me is not a cure because in my mind you are just switching insulin out for anti-rejection medications and there is nothing to stop the immune system from attacking the new pancreas and in result Type 1 Diabetes rearing its ugly head again.

While I do not personally believe that a cure is on the horizon I also do not believe that it is the Pharmaceutical companies who are withholding the cure. While they do make a tremendous amount of money supplying diabetes treatments and supplies I believe that if a true sustainable cure came down the pipeline that we would see it, hear about it, and the millions live with Type 1 Diabetes would receive it

Here at the Kansas City Type One Diabetes Foundation (affiliate of the Type One Diabetes Foundation) we will be here to bridge the gap between diagnosis and the cure. I really would love to see a cure come at some point, the soon the better … but we shall see.

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