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Will it EVER get any easier?

When a child is diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes we as parents always wonder … Will it ever get any easier or better?

When my daughter Aly was diagnosed almost 7 years ago we learned so much in so little time that it was overwhelming, exhausting, and just plain scary. The Dr.’s and nurses wanted me a 22 year old to do what, with that, how many times a day, and how?!? Oh wait I also have to become a dietician and look at nutrition labels, measure food, and count the carbs while taking into account her exercise, blood sugar, protein intake, if she will eat all the food, fat intake, and what else exactly did you just cover in this class?

So much to learn in so little time before you are handed your child and told that you are now in charge of a child who now has a lifelong autoimmune disease. HOLY CRAP BATMAN!! Can we say SCARY and OVERWHELMING!!!

Now with that said I will say that “easier”, “better”, and “more manageable” are not exactly the words that I would use but YES life will get into more of a new routine. You will find what works for yourself, your child, and your family. T1D takes work, it has its good days and bad, you will have times that you praise and others that you just want to pull your hair out but in the end IT WILL BE OK!!! You will find what works in the daily management, how your child’s body will react to exercise, how many carbs it takes to bring up a low blood sugar, how much insulin to give to bring down that stubborn high blood sugar, and all the things in between. T1D is not a cookie cutter disease and so what works for my daughter may not work for your child and what works for your family may not work for Bobby Joe down the street who also has T1D.

Remember each day will bring something new … just take a deep breath and remember that you are doing the best that you can with the diagnosis that we were dealt and it will all be OK!

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