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Holiday Gift Guide for People with Type 1 Diabetes

I love paging through the various holiday gift guides that I get every year in magazines. I’m of course partial to any items that can assist me in living my best life with diabetes. So here is my personal top five things to give to that special person with diabetes in your life…

Myabetic's Cherise Bag

#1. Myabetic bag.
My all-time favorite is the Cherise Diabetes Handbag in blush! I love this bag because not only is it fashion-forward, but I can carry all my diabetes supplies in nicely organized pockets. I can’t tell you how many times people compliment me on my “nice bag”. I love telling them that it holds all my diabetes supplies. Most people are amazed that such a pretty accessory has such an important function. 

#2. Piper Lou Tumbler. I always say the only way to make it living with a chronic, incurable illness for so many years is having a good sense of humor—and a lot of caffeine!

That’s why I love this tumbler so much and was so thrilled to find it! The mug gives people who notice it plenty of chuckles and has kick-started plenty of informative conversations about the challenges of living with diabetes. 

#3. Pump Peelz.
Now that I’ve been wearing an Omni Pod, I’m obsessed with accessorizing it! I love all the options that Pump Peelz offers that allow me to express myself whether I'm feeling sassy, classy or dia-bad-a--y. Check out all the colorful options today!

#4. A coffee mug that says it all. My brother also has type 1 diabetes and over the years we've traded many stories about insensitive comments sent our way by relatives, friends, and even total strangers. I love starting my day—after I check my blood sugar, of course—with a large cup of Joe in this particular mug because the sentiment on the ceramic always makes me laugh!

#5. Diabetes Supply Bag, option 2. This bag was a gift from the Center for Change, the organization that sponsors my talks about eating disorders and type 1 diabetes. It’s made from a nice, thick material, and is perfect for keeping all my supplies organized when I'm traveling which is all the time!


Even if you don't purchase one of my ideas for a person on your holiday gift list, I say it's okay to indulge in something for yourself. I never feel badly buying myself a gift—sometimes the urge is just too irresistible. 

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!


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