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Nick Jonas: Will You Be My Valentine?

My two-year old self with the same reaction to when I got the call about interviewing Jonas!Be still my heart. Another Valentine’s Day is here and I’m without a Valentine this year. I was dreading the corny Hallmark cards that I was having to pass in the Target aisles, the heart-shaped pizza ads that I was seeing at Papa Murphy’s, and most annoying the couple dinner deals at local restaurants. So when I got the call a couple of weeks ago from my editor at DiabeticLifestyle with the opportunity to interview Nick Jonas…I thought this was my chance for a Valentine’s date with a bonafide diabetes hunk! Though I had recently read the headlines of him romancing Kate Hudson…I thought, well, he must dig blondes. I asked him during the interview about what he looks for in a type-3 diabetic and what he stays away from. (For those who don’t know this term, a type-3 is an endearing term that people with diabetes use for their significant other who is very supportive of your diabetes) and what he stays away from. This is how he answered…

“Definitely found more to stay away from at this point! I think it’s about learning from Jonas rocking his Dexcom CGMeach experience. What I look for is someone who can be a support system for your diabetes; someone who is willing to learn as much as possible. Willing to be helpful with situations where they need to be helpful but then also give you space when you need space. When I’m taking care of a low I prefer to be on my own and not really be talked to that much. I just want to get it up and figure it out. I need someone to understand that. There’s that real desire to want to support the person who is not feeling well—but sometimes the best thing to do is just to give them that space. Someone who can understand that is really great. I want someone who wants to get involved in the foundation and other diabetes related organizations…that means the world to me.”

(To read the rest of the interview click here.)

I tried to keep my cool during the interview, so I didn't throw my name to him as a viable option to date, though I do think we could make a dashing, diabetes dynamo duo!

Quinn Nystrom on her Exclusive Interview with Type 1 Singer, Songwriter and Actor Nick Jonas from Remedy Health on Vimeo.

In my own life I’ve had good and bad experiences with the men that I’ve dated.

The bad…

  1. Diabetic Food Police - I was drinking a Sugar Free Red Bull when my date was disgusted by my beverage of choice and went on a 30-minute rant about why consuming sugar-free beverages was going to kill me and how it was going to cause cancer. I tried to explain to him that because I have diabetes I have to have the diet or sugar free option….but he cared not to listen. Later that evening he told me I shouldn’t eat my red velvet cake either. That was our first and last date.

The good…

  1. Sugar Hero – When I have low blood sugars I try to keep juice boxes by me. A guy that I had been dating awhile must have noticed that I always had Juicy Juice boxes to treat lows. The next time I was hanging out at his house he told me that he had picked some up for me (with my favorite brand) and had put them in his fridge in case I got low at his place.

My Nana and I at a Easter gathering. Most people may think that you have to do a grand gesture to show us that you care and are concerned about our diabetes…but in fact it’s been these little, thoughtful things that people have done in my life that I always remember and mean so much to me.

So this Valentine’s Day Nick Jonas may be with Kate Hudson, and I still may be single, but after my interview with him I was once again renewed with hope knowing that there are still a lot of good guys out there looking for a Valentine just like me.


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