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Quinn’s 7 Favorite Diabetes Things

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, I've put together a list of useful items that might even make good gifts for your loved one with diabetes! Even though I have no idea why my pancreas shut down 17 years ago—and wish it on no one—I wake up grateful for the life that God has allowed me to live and for my unique perspective as a result of living with type 1 diabetes. When Oprah had her daily talk show, I always looked forward to the annual “Favorite Things” episode. As a person who has lived with diabetes for many years, I'd like to share with you some of the items that have made the experience better and the daily maintenance a little bit easier. So in Orpah-like fashion, here is my list:

1. Shoe-holder turned diabetes supplies organizer 

After seeing a hanging shoe storage bag online used this way, I decided to give it a try. See-thru hanging shelves are ideal for keeping diabetes-related items handy and well organized. When you live with diabetes there are a multitude of supplies, accessories, batteries, adhesives, etc. to keep track of and this method works perfectly. No more jumble of boxes and bins in a confusing mess on my floor! 

Quinn's diabetes shoe case organizerA shoe storage case keeps my supplies neat.

2. Zamrie fashionwear

Back in 2007, I was living in New York and introduced through a mutual friend to an aspiring clothing designer named Ashley Zygmunt Goottee. Like me, Ashley lives with type 1 diabetes so we have a lot in common and have been diabesties ever since! Ashley started her own clothing line, Zamrie, a couple of years ago. I love her designs and the best part is she also gives a portion of the profits to the JDRF! Fashion that gives back? Count me in!

The night I won a seat on the city council I wore my favorite red Zamrie jacket. Mom celebrated with me of course.

3. Vera Bradley bag

Let’s be honest, the free cases we receive from the diabetes meter companies are mostly ugly, plain, and drab. It may seem like a small thing, but having a cute case for my diabetes meter supplies makes my day. The one I’m currently using is a well-worn Vera Bradley and was given to me as a gift when I was a college student. 

vera bradley cosmetic bag for supplesMy favorite supply bag is an accessory case from Vera Bradley

4. RockaDex

I prefer to wear my continuous glucose sensor on the back of my arm, but I’ve had a difficult time getting it to stay put. Not long ago I stumbled across a website called Rockadex.net. The company makes cute designs and fun stickers for sensors out of rock tape (also known as kinesiology tape) which adheres well to my skin. According to the founder, who is a mom to a child with type 1 diabetes, the tape has transformed the experience of wearing the Dexcom into something her daughter no longer dreads. 

5. Camino clutch

The website says it all: "Little luxuries for life with diabetes." Copenhagen designer Monica Vesci—yes, a fellow T1 sister—has come up with a fashionable clutch that actually has a “trash stash” compartment that doubles as a sharp's container. She has truly thought of it all!

diabetes inspired clutchSafely stash your diabetes trash in this terrific bag.


6. Lauren's Hope I.D. bracelet

All of our doctors, and especially parents, want us to wear a medical ID bracelet daily. The problem? Most of them are ugly and stick out like a sore thumb! So I went on a quest to find really beautiful ID bracelets so that I would actually wear mine. Two of my favorites are a rose gold one that I purchased from a website called Lauren's Hope and the other is from Etsy that is a little more casual. 

7. The Apple Watch

I ordered the Apple Watch after I heard that it was going to be integrated with the new Dexcom G5 Mobile. I love the convenience of glancing down at my watch anytime I want to check my blood sugar. No more fishing the meter out from under my dress. It's especially convenient during business meetings. Pricey? Yes, but anything that makes diabetes more bearable is money well spent, if you ask me. 


quinn's apple watch

Do you have other items that you would add to this list? I would love to hear about them! Feel free to comment below. 

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