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Steel Magnolias Hurt My Feelings...


Things that used to hurt my feelings (the list is lengthy but I'll just post just one for today's blog)...

1. People who tell me how much they love Steel Magnolias even though they know that I can't sit through that movie without balling my head off.


The movie synopsis: ‘80s chick flick, Shelby (played by Julia Roberts) plays a young woman with who unexpectedly gets pregnant. Though her doctors advise against it, she decides to have the baby—and pays for it with her life when her kidneys fail. You would assume watching this movie that people with diabetes have frequent hypoglycemic seizures and kidney failure following childbirth and that that's the norm.

Here's the truth straight from the experts: "Medically speaking, the movie’s tragic storyline is “very, very far from the truth,” says endocrinologist Richard Hellman, MD. “Many young women with diabetes who saw this movie shied away from having babies because they were convinced that if you get pregnant, you die. The reality is, for women with diabetes pregnancy is difficult but very doable."

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation just recently put out a wonderful resource toolkit for women with type-1 diabetes who are interested in getting pregnant.

Pregnancy Toolkit - Pregnancy or planning a pregnancy with type 1 diabetes (T1D) requires special consideration to help ensure a healthy outcome for mother and child.

This guide provides information for parents-to-be or future parents-to-be with T1D—explaining the disease management goals for pregnancy and reviewing how to obtain the best possible support from healthcare providers at every stage. 

Click here to register to be able to download the whole thing for FREE!

It's amazing to see where fundraising dollars go. It helps create research to study things like pregnancy in people with type-1 diabetes to give us the best information possible. Since being diagnosed 14 years ago, I always used to tell  people that I would never even try to have my own children (nightmares from Steel Magnolias) unless a cure for diabetes was found. Now (not that I even have a husband, so we're talking way down the line!!!) with this recent Pregnancy Toolkit I believe that one day, given the Lord's blessing, I'll be able to have a healthy child of my own.

My new motto to live by is ------------>


What's your life motto!?!

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