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Thirteen and Alone With Diabetes...


I've been off the blogging grid for awhile and I'm sorry about that. I pledge to be better this year... 

I just  published  my first book in January, which has all been a whirlwind. I worked on the project for 2.5 years.

It all came about because when I was diagnosed at the age of thirteen, I didn't know any other girls with type-1 diabetes that I could talk to about being a teenager and living with this disease. I desperately wanted an outlet and I didn't have one in the small town I grew up in.

I wanted to know if there was going to be a normal life after diagnosis. Could I still go to junior high dances? Would boys still want to date me? Yes, they may seem like silly questions now but these were my pressing questions at thirteen years old. 

As a full-time diabetes speaker, writer and advocate now, I speak to people about what it's like living with diabetes on a daily basis....the good, the bad, and the in between. I want to give people a forum to ask the questions that are important to them. The book project started awhile back with the hope of reaching a larger audience with this message of hope and encouragement to other people living with diabetes. I wanted to give my honest perspective of growing up with type 1...the tears, laughs, and the lessons it's taught me.

When my younger brother was diagnosed with diabetes in 1996 or even when I was diagnosed in 1999, I 

went to the bookstore to find a book about diabetes so that I could better understand what life was going to be like. All I stumbled upon were cookbooks and books written by medical professionals. Neither were found to be helpful to me. As my good friend Ashley told me (she also has type 1), "Within the first chapter, I laughed, cried, had my heart break and felt it was part of my diabetes story which no one else has ever understood. Quinn's story is understandable, relatable and real." 

I hope that this book serves to be a piece of hope and courage for others as it was for my friend Ashley. That's why I think also these diabetes blogs are so great because there is so much access for people living with diabetes these days to get more information from various sources and various perspectives. 

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