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Diabetes Disappointments in 2017: Good Riddance to a Bad Year

Diabetes Disappointments in 2017The DiabetesDad tells the story of 2017—another year full of loss and lack of progress in the diabetes world,

The boss's assistant was surprised to find the door unlocked. On a typical workday she is always the first to arrive and today shouldn't be any different—last day of the year or not. When she opened the door, a guest was already waiting. A guest by the name of 2017.

"2017, you're here a little early, aren't you?" she asked.

"Wanted to get it over with. Security let me in and told me to sit tight. Another year of not finding a cure for diabetes Not finding a cure for diabetes again was the least of my problems."

"You know I'm not allowed to comment," she responded as the reception area telephone rang. 

"Hi, Boss. Okay, I'll send 2017 in," she said in a pleasant voice as she motioned to 2017.

"Okay, you're up. Boss seems anxious to get this over with," she added, directing 2017 through the door. 

2017 entered the door and the Boss didn't even look up which of course added to the anxiety and made poor 2017 feel even more uneasy. 

"Well, well, well. here you are again—the biggest disappointment in recent memory—you!"

2017 began to explain but was interrupted.

"It might be best for me just to get through this. As is required, you will have the opportunity to respond but it's hard to know where to begin. Bad enough that there's still no cure...yet again! But taking Keith Campbell, a diabetes pioneer, that was truly awful. And, seriously, did you have to take Mary, too?"

The boss sighed deeply, then whispered.

"Mary Tyler Moore? Yes, that one was tough.Still makes my heart ache. There was not a bigger or better voice for those with diabetes...this angered me tremendously. And when Keith passed—that was another tremendous blow for the diabetes community."

2017 stared at the floor, "I know."

The Boss continued, "Animas?  What was THAT all about?  Really...no one could purchase them? There was no other alternative to shutting their doors leaving 100,000 type 1s with little or no choice? How cruel is that?  I'm just at a total loss. What was there to gain in any of this but hardship and anguish. Many STILL are not even aware that this has happened, can you imagine that? Just ridiculous."

"Now throw in the mix with back-to back-hurricanes? Puerto Rico, Texas...really? People died 2017, people actually died from lack of insulin and if weren't for the monumental heroics of Jimmy Ferrer and Dr. Stephen Ponder in Texas, as well as others there would have been many more. Shame on you."

The air between the Boss and 2017 was thick and the quiet, surely deafening.

"You know what 2017, I'm done. Please just leave.There was little to smile about this year when it comes to diabetes. Even though there was some progress in raising awareness of undiagnosed diabetes, and a slew of people living with T1D that inspire the world, as well as some pretty cool conferences and education tools but the wake of pain you left behind is just too great. Losing Mary still bothers me...just get out 2017. Leave.  2018 will be here, and not a minute too soon."

2017 walked out the door, and in all the years the Boss has been at this, as 2017 closed the door, with head upon the desk, the Boss just cried. 

Waiting for a better 2018.

I am a DiabetesDad.



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