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Goodbye 2016: Another Year Without a Cure for Diabetes

2016 entering the elevator

It seemed like the elevator took forever to get to the top floor. 2016 felt nervous about the year end review.

When the door finally opened and 2016 entered the reception area, the receptionist was very pleasant. “Hello 2016," she said eagerly. "The Boss told me to send you right in.”

2016 had heard a lot about the Boss but this was their first face-to-face meeting. Tough but fair, seemed to be the general consensus. The room was empty when he got there but not for long as the Boss entered through a back door and gestured for 2016 to have a seat.

“Well 2016, how do you think you did this year?” he said sternly.

2016 gazed down toward the floor anxiously. The objective had been clearly stated at the onset. The mission was to find a cure for diabetes or the job would be gone.

It was a rough year for 2016. A lot of celebrities were taken (singers like Phife Dawg from diabetes complications; the legendary Prince and beloved actors Carrie Fisher and her mom, Debbie Reynolds to name a few); a devisive election year from Hell, and so many other competing events that toook too much attention.

“Some good things happened this year, Boss,” 2016 reminded him sheepishly.
“What? Like insulin costs spiraling out of control?” he responded angrily.

"Well Lilly Diabetes is attempting to help those who can't afford it. At least now there is a bright light shining on that problem and many people are looking much more closely at it. I worked hard to get the word out about that," 2016 boasted before a long, pregnant pause.

"Let's not forget about Beyond Type 1. With a little help from our friend Nick Jonas, that group really came into its own and are making a difference in many ways," 2016 reminded the Boss, scrambling for those thoughts again. "And, there were a lot of great conferences, plus much education out there.”

The Boss sat quietly for a while as he flipped through the notebook of references page by page.

Diabetes Dad says goodbye to 2016

“You know what I am not seeing here?” he asked. 2016 decided to play dumb.
“No Boss, what?”

The Boss got really quiet and stared at 2016 showing disappointment in his face. 

“Really, 2016?  Really? So you're going to go that route, huh?”

2016 stared blankly back at the Boss.

“Okay 2016, we'll do it your way. I guess. I have to say that in years past your predecessors at least attempted to give reasons why they should be kept on. They tried by listing all of their diabetes achievements. But not you 2016, you're not even trying," he said, pausing again.

"2016 as you know you were hired this year with hope and a large dose of optimism to ONCE AGAIN find a cure for this terrible disease. But you haven't delivered. There's still no cure. We still don't have it? Just what do you have to say for yourself?"

2016 just looked away, feeling ashamed.

“2016, I am speaking to you, did I miss something? DO WE HAVE IT? The cure for diabetes?”

“No, we do not," 2016 admitted.

“Then I'm afraid you’re done 2016, get out.  In all my years have I never seen such a year as you. You seem to have nothing to say for yourself. You were hired to bring in a cure…and you failed. You’re done….please leave.”

The air was very heavy.  2016 slowly got up and walked out the door. The receptionist tried to be helpful.

“You did try…didn’t you?” she asked.

“Not hard enough, I guess. I hope 2017 has a better year than I did.”

The receptionist smiled faintly as the elevator opened and 2016 slid in giving her a little shrug. 

With that, the automatic doors closed and 2016 was gone.

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