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A Letter to our Lawmakers about OUR Healthcare

DiabetesDad pleads for politicians to reach across the aisle

Dear Lawmakers of the United States,

Healthcare. Say the word and it sends shivers down the spine of most people.

I have no problem with the idea of making something better but I have a word of caution for you lawmakers and personally, I do not care on which side of the aisle you sit. I also do not care if you support the Affordable Care Act or not, but please take into account that it has taken quite a few administrations to get this law on the books. No administration has been able to do it until now.

I have no problem if you want to tweak the law to make it better and can actually fix areas that aren't working. But if the end result is that the law is essentially preserved and merely given a name change, kindly spare this country the grief and aggravation.

There is no question the law has flaws, and I have no doubt a good fixing is in order but the more I think about it, the more I worry about what is at stake and what may be lost that could jeopardize the access to care currently being utilized by the ailing in America.

I beg you to please ask yourselves to consider whether  the entire law needs an overhaul. We Americans are not stupid people. If the ACA (aka 'Obamacare'...there, I said it!) is thrown out and a new insurance system comes into play that is the same except for what it's called, we citizens will be much more than upset.

No matter what happens, the American people stand to lose—or win—and the choice is up to you. When our Founding Fathers established the laws in this country, it was a starting point and many of those laws have been amended over time. If we threw out laws and started from scratch each time, this country would never have evolved into the great nation it has become. 

In my opinion this issue is no different. In the very least, it cannot be cost productive to pass and dismantle the intent of this legislation with each and every administration that comes and goes, we the American people will lose. So, for this reason, I ask that you proceed cautiously and with the objective in mind to serve and serve well those who placed you in the chairs you now sit.

Take a long, hard look at the law and remember how hard it was to get there. I’m not wise enough to know all the inner workings of the ACA, but I do know parts of this law…and I do know that some have worked well. If it makes sense to build on it, do it. If it makes sense to dismantle it and replace it with a better law, than do that—but avoid changes that are motivated by self interest and for the purpose of wanting credit. We deserve better than that, and we are more intelligent to buy just that, trust me.

Open your eyes and be smart, if a new bill passes across a party-line-vote—EITHER PARTY'S-LINE—it will be a clear indication that you, as a governing body have failed. ALL OF YOU. You will succeed or fail in this...TOGETHER! 

So reach across the aisle and decide what is best and what is right for all Americans. I don’t mean to sound threatening but to remind you that almost every election has always proved that when the American people think change is order, they will order change.  The call is yours. Healthcare is crucial. We are carefully watching your actions...all of you.

Sincerely yours,

The DiabetesDad

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