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Never Done Learning...Ever

never stop learningDiabetes is a cruel disease. It doesn't care what you do or don’t do to manage it. It doesn’t have a mind. It doesn’t do anything TO anyone; it’s just a disease.

Does this scenario sound familiar?

“Having a child with diabetes is absolute Hell. The average person has no idea what it's like. Our lives are ruined. It's a horrible disease and people who don't have to deal with it have no idea of the terrible toll it takes. Waking up at all hours during the night to check blood glucose levels leaves us sleep deprived and exhausted. Plus, our child misses school constantly—more than 40 days this year! We can't seem to improve his numbers. They're always 300-400 no matter how hard we work. This has been going on for two years now and it's so wrong and unfair..."  

Yup.  It sure is.

If you see yourself in this statement, I have a question for you...why? Why does it feel to you as if you're the only one going through it? Before you start screaming for the world to pray for you and everything you're going through, ask yourself if YOU are doing enough? Are you really doing everything you can to right the ship that is so off course? 

Before there was social media and easy access to information courtesy of the Internet, many, many people found the answers to what they were looking for by hard work. Diabetes is not easy. They went to the library. They called their doctor. They spoke to others who understood the disease.They learned what to do by investigating the old fashioned way. 

Diabetes is a cruel disease. It doesn't care what you do or don’t do to manage it. It doesn’t have a mind. It doesn’t do anything TO anyone; it’s just a disease. A disease that will act in a certain way. Sometimes no matter what you do, it will not follow the rules. But in most cases, it eventually comes around and starts to behave. But only if the rules of engagement are followed. Only if you learn what diabetes is about and what actions trigger what reactions.

Sometimes people dealing with diabetes should not be coddled. No magic wand is going to fix the pancreas and make it better…I’m sorry, it just doesn’t work that way.  Because you spend a few hours learning a few things won’t cut it because this takes dedication and dedication with all you’ve got.

Reading, learning, reading, learning, asking questions, reading, learning and when you are done...learning some more. 

My favorite (sarcastic) phrase is, “You guys are so lucky you did not have the same troubles with diabetes management we did.”  Really? I’m not here to compare anything we've been through with anything anyone else has been through but YOU MUST ASK YOURSELF—what steps are you taking? What learning are you doing?  Because unless you are exhausting any and every means of learning there is out there to manage this disease, you have no right to complain when things go wrong.   And rest assured things will go wrong.

But if you have not learned enough to handle the things that need to be handled, you will never be ready to handle the things that no one can explain (read that again, slower). Because when you know all that you can possibly know and you are still thirsting to learn more, then and only then, can you feel comfortable in not understanding the things that make no sense. 

If I lost you and you did not follow what that means, go back and keep learning, you are not there yet.

I am a DiabetesDad.

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