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Republican? Democrat?...and Diabetes?

democrats, republicans and diabetesThe Diabetes Dad says we will all benefit from living in a kinder, gentler nation.

What does being a Republican or Democrat have to with diabetes?  Well nothing, really.  But the way this world is treating each other, it just may. 

In Washington, of late, there is this incredible amount of…well…..of hate….it seems. These two groups really do not like each other. The old timers will tell you that there once was a time the two groups would fight for what was right on their respective floors of Congress and then have dinner with those they argued with earlier that day. Today? Not so much.

There was a shooting today (June 14, 2017) in Washington, as I write this. A friendly softball practice to prepare for an annual fundraiser.  A gunman showed up, took aim, and fired. 


Earlier in the week, I attended the annual American Diabetes Association conference. I was speaking to a manufacturer of a type 1 diabetes product in the exhibit hall and I said, "No thank you. We use something else." His response was curt: “Well, for your kids, that’s not the right move.”

Bad thing to say.

I took two steps back and as I was about to unleash all of my parental anger—which comes with a mountain of knowledge accumlated over two decades of parenting two children with type 1 diabetes—on this unsuspecting sales rep, I stopped myself. Forced a smile and said, ‘your opinion is yours to have’. Then I walked away. But I sense a disturbing sentiment that prevails these days that there is only one way to do things in this country and if you disagree, you’re wrong.

Recently there was a remake of the classic film Dirty Dancing as a television movie. Abigail Breslin, who won all of our hearts in Little Miss Sunshine played the role of ‘Baby’ made famous by Jennifer Grey. Many did not agree with that casting choice and many of the same people who speak out about women's rights and marching in unity were the same ones calling Miss Breslin out for merely accepting the challenge of an acting role. Ugly comments like: “She’s a cow”, “She’s too fat to play the role”, and much worse. My point…….is…..nationally, we seem to be heading down a spiral here.


We must start to get ourselves out of this hate and learn to respect the fact that what one does may not be what another believes. 

Respect.  Respect.  Respect. 

I’m horrified that innocent people playing softball were shot because someone disagrees with their views.  I have also been horrified at people being killed because of the color of their skin or for the faith they hold so dear.  We need to make a change.  We need to rid ourselves from the notion that being different is being wrong……..or right, for that matter. 

It starts with the one in the mirror. Each one of us. It can start with kinder comments on FB when someone disagrees with the way we handle our diabetes.

Maybe, just maybe if we start to show tolerance to people right here in our own diabetes community……Washington may come next. (Well, maybe not next but eventually.) In the meantime, doing ‘good’ anywhere is always a good start. Think about it.

I am a DiabetesDad.

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