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You Look’n at Me?

World Diabetes Day

Two mob bosses are in the same bar at the same time. Their crews are with them. It’s a heated moment to say the least. Their eyes lock-on to each other from across the room. The crews can feel the tension beginning to rise.

One ‘crew,’ “Blue Circles”* has surely been around longer. They have come to represent everything diabetes. Probably the first time ever that every other organized group would fall in line and agree on a unified representative for all subject matter in the Diabetes Kingdom. The other ‘crew’ “Blue Buildings” is fairly new. They are not small and cute like the blue circle but those buildings are draped in blue across the world and are surely bigger than the blue circle.

One’s been around a long time.

One’s certainly bigger.

Blue Buildings stands. Blue Circles stands. They never take their eyes off each other. Immediate and without a word, the crews both split as their bosses walk between them and move toward the center of the room.

Sweat is pouring off the brows of many of the crew members. Many of the crew can feel the apple in their throat as they swallow hard. The only sound in the room is the beep from various bystanders who have come to watch. Mostly glucometers, they beep a lot, some every 3-5 seconds. A few CGMs beep also. Almost as if there is a warning in the room as well.

Suddenly there is no sound at all but the ticks of the clock upon the far wall.
The two leaders meet. The crews know there are ‘other blue’ out there. Blue hair and blue nails are popular as are blue dresses and other blue clothing.  But everyone knows that it is Blue Building and Blue Circles that are making the differences. They are the ones getting all the notice. Not even Elvis’ Blue Christmas gets more notice in November; and this November is about to come to a head.

Blue Circles and Blue Buildings are now standing nose-to nose, which is interesting as Blue Buildings is so much taller. The stare is scary. The crowd is beyond quiet.

Blue Buildings finally speaks.

“You look’n at me?”

“I am. You look’n at me?”

“I am.”

The tension is thicker than when parents in the diabetes world fight with their kids over being diabetes police. This is bigger than that…this is bigger than a lot of things.

Blue Buildings continues.

“You think’n what I’m think’n?”


“What is that?”

“Blue. You think’n blue too?” Blue Circle states.

“I am.”

“I figured as much.”

“Me too.”

At the same time both bosses snapped their fingers and one of the crew from each gang brings a chair over and they each sit.

Blue Circle speaks.

“I’ve been around a while. Blue shows up in November but we’re not being taken seriously enough. I’ve been watching you. You’ve got yourself showing greatly every year.  New York, Denmark, Peru, the UK, Germany, Singapore…"

Blue Building interrupts…“Everywhere.  My crew has it all covered.”

blue dog

“But we are not even making a dent. The Blue Circles have events in all of the same cities you are in. Among us all, we have everything all covered.  We need more.  We added dresses, clothing, nails and I a even saw a puppy in blue....everywhere blue, but to the rest of the world, diabetes still seems to be in the dark.”

With that the door creaks open and every head turns. The two bosses stand.  The door slams shut. Blue Circles and Blue Buildings stare at each other in absolute amazement for what is before them.

“You look’n at me?” says Blue Light Bulb.

Screw one in this November 14th.  I am a DiabetesDad.

*EDITOR'S NOTE: The blue circle was created by the International Diabetes Foundation and has been the universal icon for diabetes since 2006. The blue building (or blue monument) challenge is another IDF campaign to raise awareness of diabetes by lighting buildings of note blue for World Diabetes Day. 

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