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Southwestern Sweet Potato Hash

Breakfast on the weekends is one of my absolute favorite things. In my mind, there are two kinds of brunch people - and yes, I do believe your brunch preference says something about you! You have your sweet folk who go for something like the stuffed french toast or nutella crepes, or maybe pumpkin pancakes in the fall... and then there's your savory folk who might opt for an omelette, or my absolute favorite - a breakfast hash! As for me? I'm a savory girl, obviously!

Breakfast hash of any sort is an easy go to at home because you can add virtually any meats, veggies, and cheeses that you have sitting around the house. I often make one that we call "everything but the kitchen sink"... it's whatever is in the fridge! This southwestern sweet potato hash is a new favorite in our house though!

In a typical breakfast hash, you might see a potato base. I try not to cook with regular potatoes as they do not have nearly the health benefits of sweet potatoes. Recent research in Japan (see the link above) even shows that heavy consumption of regular spuds might even be detrimental to your health!  Lucky for you sweet potatoes contain more vitamins and nutrients and they add a great layer of flavor to your dish! Sweet potatoes are a fabulous source of vitamin A -- think hair, skin, and nail health! They also boast tons of vitamin B6 which aids in red blood cell production and breakdown of carbohydrates in your body. 

The poblano peppers and green bell peppers in this recipe contain high levels of Vitamin C and are rich in a nutrient called capsaicin which studies have shown can reduce "bad" cholesterol, and reduce inflammation in the body. The green pepper adds a great fresh flavor to this dish, where the poblano adds a nice smokey kick!

The black beans in this recipe are rich in fiber, potassium, and folate. They are low in cholesterol making them a great source of protein for this dish! 

Lastly, you'll notice this recipe calls for 3 slices of... bacon! Yes, you read correctly! While I don't make it a habit to include bacon as part of my regular diet I feel it is fine to include in this recipe for several reasons:

1. It is not the main protein in this dish, instead it is serving more as a flavor enhancer so there is not much of it. This dish makes 4 servings, which comes out to 1 slice of bacon per serving.

2. You'll notice this recipe does not contain any cheese, with the calories we actually save there a few slices of bacon are more than okay here. 

3. Interestingly enough, bacon does boast a few great benefits as well! Bacon is high in selenium which helps promote thyroid gland health. It also contains high levels of phosphorous which is a nutrient needed to avoid neurological and muscular problems.

While the bacon and the black bean are great protein sources in this dish, feel free to add an over easy egg on top for added protein. I chose not to this time around because I actually served this dish as a side with some delicious honey sriracha roasted chicken (stay tuned for that recipe!). When eating as a meal, the egg is the perfect addition! The recipe as printed below yields 4 servings as an entree, and that is what the nutrition facts printed below reflect. Adding an egg will add to calories, fat, and protein, but will not effect the carbohydrates in this recipe.

Lastly, the taco seasoning this recipe calls for is best when homemade! I like to do this to reduce sodium. I love to make a bigger batch, store it in a tightly sealed container, and use it on eggs, vegetables, add it to soups and stews, and even use it as my main seasoning in chili. It has a great flavor profile with a teeny little kick! I have linked in my own recipe for taco seasoning here.

Click here for my sweet potato hash recipe


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