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8 Random Things About Me...

So there has been a big buzz going around the internet on Facebook the last week or so where people share anywhere from six or more things about themselves that others may not know about them. I thought it would be fun for this week's post to share a few things that you may not know about me. Here it goes. Writing off the cuff!

1. Many people are surprised to learn this about me but... I actually have a strong background in sales! My dad was exceptional in sales, the top salesman in the 5-state area in his industry and I seem to have picked up this trait from him, among other things... :) The transition to working in a sales focused job came while I was working as a phone banker. Although I was 400% over goal for recommending bank products to customers that would call in, they still would not let me switch to being a sales phone banker.

I was saved from being in the wrong job much longer when a customer called in and said, "You would be excellent working as a mortgage broker." A handful of interviews later with multiple companies, I was hired as an account executive at a large mortgage corporation. I felt fancy as I was flown to Texas for two weeks of training where I was laughed at for my Minnesota accent among the Texans. Oh and I kid you not! I gained about 10 pounds in those two weeks as the food was sooooo good down there (and it was before my food sensitivities were recognized - thus easier to find lots of yummy food to eat..).

At times I was the only female on staff of over 25 in my sales department, but I loved it! And my sales performance was better than 2/3 of the guys I worked with! Girls rock! I I loved working with guys as there was virtually no drama. We joked around all day long, went out to lunch, and although I was working about 50 hours a week or more, it was a fun job! Didn't pay too well though... :(

2. I only like sales if I am helping people and offering a product that someone sincerely needs. And I think that is why I am successful. I am not able to offer a sales pitch for something I do not truly believe in or will not be beneficial for the person I'm helping. I love educating and imparting knowledge that will help people with whatever situation or issue they may have. I also love serving and creating genuine, caring relationships with others. I am also super passionate about what I believe in! This combination of traits helps me stand out from the usual persona of a salesperson and excel. (I swear I'm not in a job interview on this one, but it sounds like it! Lol).

3. I HATE math with a passion. Always have. In freshman algebra, my math teacher, Mr. Beecroft used to call my friend Anne and I, "B squared." Although my eyes are green he thought they were blue, thus blonde hair/blue eyes x2! Once he rearranged the whole class into different seats. He called us both out in front of the class after the rearrangement saying how depressed we looked now that we didn't sit together. He then moved just the two of us so we could sit together once again.

Oh, my Psychology professor in college told me once while I was struggling on a "Statistical Methods in Psychology" test said that I only struggle with math because of the aversion I have created toward it. After studying with the tutor and other students each day after class I still only managed a "C" in class.. My math skills were forced to improve when I ended up working as a bank teller after a downturn in the economy. And boy did I get fast at ten-key! :)

4. I've loved animals since I was a little girl. Third grade is when we got our first pet (besides goldfish), a gerbil named Sammy. Unfortunately Sammy died soon after we got our first cat, Paprika. I always thought it was because he was no longer getting as much attention and it made me sad.

We loved putting Paprika in the bathtub with two sponge balls as she would growl and get so mad as she could not fit both of them into her mouth-- it frustrated her. She was also so smart that after my mom wrapped Christmas presents one year, including hers, she somehow made her way to the bottom of a paper grocery sack and unwrapped her gifts (which were those colored sponge balls she loved so much..).

5. I did not want a dog after we got married. We would go on walks around the lake and my husband Jaim would say to what felt like almost every dog going by, "That one is cute! What about a dog like that one!" It really bugged me as he would not let up and I did not want a dog!! We had two cats and I was very happy with their quiet nature and all the love and sweetness they provided.

A few years passed and I started thinking I wanted a dog. Someone to join me on my daily walks. Now guess who was not interested? Jaim.. My massage therapist gave me the names of two rescue organizations and suggested I check out their websites.

I found a litter of dogs I thought were cute and fell in love with the runt. I secretively arranged a visit at the foster home. I fell in love with two of the puppies there, but surprisingly, not the runt! The next day was my birthday and the puppies were going up for adoption. Because money was very tight, among other reasons, I had to beg Jaim to agree to adopt this puppy! He finally consented but said I would be the one taking care of it. Enter Jonah (original name Boone). We both love him to pieces and not a day goes by that we are not smiling from ear to ear and laughing at his antics. Oh, and he takes care of him too after all! :)

Jonah at a cabin this summer.

6. I had at least ten different majors in college before finally settling on one. I first went to a state university in Wisconsin because I wanted to be a dietician. I think my diabetes quite certainly had something to do with this.. I learned quick that it was a lot of science and math, and more than I wanted to devote my time to. After having to sit in the back of the room in Anatomy and not being able to see the overhead screen, I had enough and withdrew from my classes in the program. I thought about a few other majors there like business, but none felt right. I withdrew from the university the following year and attended a community college back home for about 3 terms.

I finally transferred to the college my friend (the other half of B squared!!) transferred to after falling in love with the campus after going on a tour with her. While there I thought about the following majors: Psychology, Theology, Social Work, Education, Speech Communication, Dietetics (yes, again!!), Nursing, and French. I'm sure I'm forgetting a few.. I ended up with a Speech Communication major (I gave a lot of speeches in college and they were videotaped!) and minors in Psychology and Theology. I thought a Speech Communication major would be more marketable which is why I chose to major in it and minor in my true loves. What I found out was that a communications degree in general is not very useful in securing a job.

7. The two foods I miss most after having to give up corn once a sensitivity was recognized about 5 years ago are corn dogs and popcorn. Love them both. My mouth waters when I smell popcorn at a movie theater and I really, really loved eating corn dogs with lots of mustard and a little ketchup. Especially at the Minnesota State Fair but I loved the frozen ones too.

8. I chose eight things to share on this list because eight is my very favorite number and makes me so happy!! I was born on the 8th of May and weighed 8 pounds and 8 ounces. My fascination with 8 started early!

As you can see, although diabetes plays a big part in our lives to keep ourselves healthy, many other things do as well. And we can still experience immense joy and laughter even with diabetes.

Have you played this little game yet? What things would you say about yourself? Please share one (or more!) interesting facts about yourself in the comments! 

In Peace & Wellness,


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