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Blessings Everywhere for this Heavy Heart...

It's 12:30 pm on a Sunday. September already believe it or not! And I already have so much to be thankful for today and for this I am grateful. I woke up with a heavy heart with a few things on my mind as I laid in bed this morning. My blood sugar reflected this grief and I was 190 for my morning reading, which is a little bit high for me.

Within minutes my cat Juniper was snuggled on my left side in between my arm and my heart as she purred loudly. If she decides to snuggle in so close to me, she almost always takes the right side (these morning snuggles with June are one of my favorite things by the way!). I knew how in tune she was with me this morning to position herself on my left side next to my heart. Her loving comfort brought a few tears to my eyes as I kissed her head and told her how much I love her.

I then made my way to yoga, something I have deeply missed the last two weeks while I've been ill with the flu and recovering. Although challenging, it felt good to be moving my body with my breath again. I could feel my body and mind becoming clearer and lighter. And I left with my spirits slightly raised.

Beautiful vegetables I brought home from yoga class.
Our dear yoga teacher Ann brought with her to class a plethora of vegetables to share from her own garden. After class she told us all to take what we'd like. As I filled my bag, she encouraged me to take more. This is the assortment I brought home to enjoy. I cannot wait to eat some of these for lunch and dinner! Yum!

Finally I not only came home from yoga to an enthusiastic Juniper & Jonah but Jonah is pulling out all the stops today. First he showered me with kisses, hugs and tail wags. Then as I made my way to sit at the dining room table he got up on his hind legs. He put one paw on my lap and before I knew it, reached the other paw up onto my heart and held his dear, sweet paw there for at least a minute! I kid you not. Unbelievably in tune this little guy is... He has never done such a thing before, although he is a very caring pup in so many ways.

Jonah on my lap..He is now resting on my lap as I type this. I am grateful for days like today when despite not everything going right in my life or as I might like, there are still a multitude of little wonderful things all around me (blessings!) and... I have the ability to be present, and notice and appreciate these blessings. My heart is comforted by the many bursts of joy and light around me. And I feel grateful.

Now time for lunch!! Have a wonderful day and may you find some blessings as well, whether you too have a heavy heart or are smiling ear to ear. Much love to you..  And peace as we move closer to the Autumn season. :)

ps. This is the dinner we created with all of the vegetables my yoga teacher Ann gave us (+ a few more I had in my fridge). A yummy vegetable & chicken rice dish. It was delicious!

Homemade Vegetable & Chicken Fried Rice. So good!
In Peace & Wellness,



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