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A Diabetes Miracle if I've Ever Seen One...

So a complete miracle happened on Wednesday that I just have to share with you. Pretty unbelievable... I woke up fairly early that day. It was my second day volunteering at a diabetes camp for children and there were a few things I needed to get home for. I set my alarm early so I would have time to get all of my things packed up.

On the morning agenda for the campers was horseback riding - something I did not want to miss! The horse ranch was at a location on my way back home to the cities where I live - so very convenient for me to go and have an excuse to spend a little more time with the campers and counselors I grew to love during my time at camp!

9:30 am was the time the bus was going to depart and head one hour north to the horse ranch. It was a little ambitious, but originally I was hoping to be ready in time to follow the bus the campers were on to the ranch. I was just about ready in time until I realized I still needed to pack my food sensitivity friendly food - breakfast and lunch. Having a balanced healthy meal is important when you have diabetes, and especially when you have food sensitivities in addition to diabetes, so I did not want to skip this important piece of my self-care.

Although I was not ready in time to follow the bus, I still had a time crunch. At 10:00 am I had an appointment scheduled with my homeopath. While generally done in person, I decided to have this appointment by phone as it allowed me to stay at camp longer with the kids rather than need to leave the evening prior.

At 10:00 am my homeopath called as scheduled. Only problem was that I was not quite ready for his call! I had packed everything up in my cabin and had it waiting by the door. I had also gone to the kitchen and packed up all of the food allergy friendly food I brought from the refrigerator and prepared my healthy breakfast and lunch. But having just picked up my car located on the other side of camp, I still needed to drive it to my cabin and load up.

I told him I would call back in 2 - 3 minutes-- the time I estimated I needed to load my belongings into the back of my Ford Escape. As my appointments with him are not cheap, I went as quickly as I could loading up my suitcase, sleeping bag, pillow, etc.

I looked down at my belly and realized the transmitter/sensor to my CGM (continuous glucose meter) was partially torn off. Frustrated as it was only a day old (they last 7 days), I ripped it off completely and tucked it safely into an inside pocket of my purse.

Ten minutes later (a little longer than anticipated) I was off! I called my homeopath back, then made my way out of the camp and up dirt roads and a handful of turns while chatting with him about everything going on in my life the past month. Finally, I reached the highway that would lead me 54 miles to the horse ranch.

Fast forward to arriving at a store* (at end of post I share about the store!) I wanted to stop at a few miles from the horse ranch. After parking the car, I looked down at my right pocket where I usually have my CGM receiver clipped. It was not there. This is always a moment of panic, kind of like when you think you are missing your wallet or purse.

I was sure it must have fallen off onto the seat or console area. I searched. Not there. I frantically started looking on the passenger seat and floor - also not there. I finally realized I may not have it so decided I would have to call the endo at camp (the only phone number I had of anyone there) to see if it was maybe lying amidst the dirt and patches of grass outside my cabin. Maybe the suitcase had bumped it off as I loaded it into the car!!?!?

I stepped out of my car and headed to the back of the vehicle where I was going to rest my bag on the back bumper and look up the number to call the endo. That is where I saw what my eyes could not believe! A true act of God.

A true miracle...

There sitting on the back bumper was my CGM receiver!! It was tilted at an angle as if it was almost ready to tip off. It had traveled on the back bumper at least 50 miles going 70mph on the highway.. How did it ever stay there and not fly off on the winding roads and stops and turns of a car moving soooooo fast?!!?!?!? And what are the chances as I was loading up my car that it would fall off my pocket and land right there?

I have no idea but I cannot tell you how thankful and relieved I felt. I had already started planning out when I would be able to drive down to camp again to search for it and how I would make it a few days without my CGM. I prayed right then and there saying, "Thank you God. Thank you!!"

A miracle my eyes could hardly believe..

Not only is a replacement CGM receiver expensive, but also incredibly hard to live without!

Have you ever experienced a true miracle like this in regards to your diabetes?? Or another area of your health or otherwise? Please share!


The fun store!!

*The store I stopped at is a HUGE candy store with a bunch of other stuff too!! It is about 30 miles outside of the Twin Cities in an area we do not travel to much in Jordan, Minnesota. We did go there once a few years ago with a friend that lives in the area.

Just one of the soda aisles in this store!!
The reason for my stop? To buy the special root beer that we found there on our last visit! "Zuberfizz" creamy root beer made in Durango, Colorado! Although I do not drink the root beer myself (combination of food allergies and blood sugar difficulty with cane sugar - especially in liquid form) it is super fun because our last name is Zuber and my husband and his parents enjoy it a great deal. I picked up several four packs to give as gifts to my loved ones.

Zuberfizz Root beer! :)

I also found again by accident yummy Dutch black licorice (in the shape of cats!!) that are free of gluten and corn - to find a candy like this is a feat in and of itself! This licorice is so good and their shape makes them even more enjoyable to eat (especially because I own two black cats!).

I detested black licorice growing up, but it is something I grew to love when I turned 30. Although I'm sad my special licorice is all gone now, my blood sugars are much happier!! As they do have quite a bit of sugar even if lacking gluten and corn. We all need a special treat sometimes and with food allergies, those times are often few and far between in the form of any kind of candy.

Hmmm. Yummy corn & gluten free Dutch black licorice... in the shape of cats! Aren't they cute??

In Peace & Wellness,



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