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One Embarrassing Christmas Story!

Pets have been an important part of my life since I was a little girl. They do wonders for my well-being, acting as little miracle workers that help me cope with my health and life in general. Those of us who live with diabetes know it can be a painful journey in so many ways beyond the frequent and never ending needle pokes.

My pets have always been there for me---to hug, cuddle with and cry on when times are tough and I just want to hide for a while from this thing called life. There is no match for a purring cat and warm blanket.

As soon as I graduated college and got my own place I knew I wanted a cat of my own. I adopted a 13 year old cat named Katie within months of getting my first apartment. Sadly, I had to put her down after about a year when she fell ill.

Within several months I was ready to extend my love again to a few more fluffs that say meow, this time adopting two cats from the animal shelter---Mabel and Juniper. They've always given me unconditional love and are a meaningful part of my life. Along with tender nurturing care that is so in-tune with what I'm experiencing, they provide many smiles and laughter too.

Missing for years, I recently found a long lost ornament as I sorted through boxes of Christmas decorations. I was ecstatic! I had shared the story behind the ornament a handful of times over the years with my husband Jaim and always wanted so badly to show him the ornament that went along with my story!

The story begins...

It was the year 2000. Does anyone else remember Conan O'Brian on his late-night show when he'd creepily sing into a flashlight "In the year 2000, in the year 2000!" !?!? I used to watch that show all the time back then and loved it.

Well in the year 2000, my beloved cats, Mabel and Juniper were born! It was to be their first Christmas and I wanted to make it special for them and... I was a nerd. I saw in the Sunday paper that the local pet store chain was having Santa come and you could bring your pet in for pics with Santa!

Although I was pretty sure this Santa event was mostly for dogs, and I would likely be the only one there with cats, I really wanted my cats picture taken with Santa!!! Yes, I felt a little kooky.. but it was their first Christmas after all! And I could not wait to have an ornament hang on my tree with their sweet little faces in it.

Things didn't go as smoothly as I anticipated. After arriving at the store, pet carrier stuffed with two young and upset cats, I found out where Santa had set up shop. I was a little self conscious looking for Santa with my two cats (Crazy cat lady!?!!) but was confident I'd quickly get the picture taken inconspicuously and head back home.

Chaos ensues!

Removing them from the kennel, I sat down with both kitties to pose for the picture with Santa. Before I knew it, (and before the picture was taken!), Mabel burst forth from my arms! Running as fast as she could from this crazy person known as Santa, there was no catching her. Panic filled me as my sweet 6 month old kitten made her way down the front of the check out lanes across the front of the store and headed toward the main entrance!

I was a wreck!! With doors electronically opening and closing every few moments as customers came and left, I was worried Mabel would escape into the parking lot.. This picture with Santa was not going as smoothly as I anticipated. My nerdy-ness was being revealed big time---thank goodness I was not looking for a date before the holidays!

Somehow Mabel was caught. I do not remember details of the capture, but once I grabbed her, I held on tight! Relief filled me. And total embarrassment!

While I thought only a few people might find out about our afternoon adventure with Santa, it was now being broadcast to many of the shoppers who witnessed the frantic chase with my kitty across the store. I was completely humiliated but not going to lose sight of the reason we made our way to the pet store in the first place..

Round Two!

Knowing Mabel was anxious to escape the photo opportunity with Santa, we made a few changes. This time around Santa (who looked like she was 12!) held onto Mabel very tightly and I held Juniper. The picture for the ornament was snapped and I was filled with gratitude and relief. I put both cats safely back in the kennel and made my way out of the store, prized ornament in hand.

Although it was a crazy afternoon for a single girl in her early twenties, it sure makes for an entertaining story. Thank goodness I can laugh about it now!

This year the ornament is back to hanging on our tree. And it makes me smile every time I look at it.

Moral of the story?

It's always good to take risks in life when going after what we want. Whether it's a picture of our silly pets with Santa, going back to school or training for an athletic endeavor. Sometimes we might have to cross a few hurdles to get there, but we're beating everyone on the couch that is too afraid to go after what's in their heart! I call that success!

I shall keep following my heart. And hope you will too.

Happy Holidays!! Do you have a special or funny holiday story? Please share in the comments! I can't be the only dork around here... :)

In Peace & Wellness,



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