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A Poem: Can You Tell By Looking at Me?

Let's be clear, diabetes is a big jerk. My greatest weapon is excellent daily self-care, allowing me a break from the constant rollercoaster of exhausting blood sugars. Even with these measures, the challenge of trying to control my blood sugars is always there as diabetes is far from easy and does not play fair. The last week has been miserable. I've experienced many high blood sugars which left me feeling frustrated and worn out. Pain often inspires creativity and this poem was born out my difficult feelings. I hope you enjoy! 


Can You Tell By Looking at Me?

Can you tell by looking at me?
The tears that have fallen from my eyes?
The hurt I feel inside?
The pain I've felt from so many needle pricks?
The weariness in my stride?

Can you tell by looking at me?
That 27 years of this condition have worn me thin?
Exhaustion with 8 hours rest
Tissue damaged flesh
The fear of death and complications
Judgment and misunderstanding
From family and friends
Even other Type 1's
The economic, social, physical, 
mental & emotional burden
Have I forgotten one?
Sometimes it's all just too much

You just go on your merry way
Tortured by your cold
Oh! You poor thing!
While the sniffles you experience
Feel quite severe
They're nothing compared to
The organ malfunction
I've experienced since diagnosis
At age 11

Type 1 diabetes is more than
A little somethin'
It might be invisible
To you
But you better believe
I know it's there!
Beating me up almost every day...
I just do my best
And call it another day

Some days diabetes wins
That is no lie
I just won't let these terrible
Lows and highs...
Struggles and tears
Clip my wings
And prevent me from flying

Can you tell by looking at me?
I'm not giving up anytime soon?
Strength and bravery so fierce
Do not appear overnight
It takes years and years of practice
Something I'd do without
If given the choice

Can you tell by looking at me?
What a fighter I am?
I've crossed many hurdles--
More than you can count
So don't ever think
By the frown on my face
That I'm fragile and weak
I'm just temporarily defeated
And will once again rise above
Putting diabetes in it's place!

But can you tell by looking at me?
I am not a quitter!
So I'll go on my merry way
Letting the comments and looks
Of ignorance fall away
Because they cannot know by looking at me
The pain and suffering
And all it is I endure

I won't let this condition win
No matter how hard it tries
Whooping my butt
With every slight error
And miscalculation
Or even when I think
I'm doing everything right!

Because maybe you cannot tell
By looking at me
But I won't die without trying
To overcome every obstacle
Set before me
I might have rough days...
But I'm still flyin'!

And that is not something
You can always tell
By looking at me

In Peace & Wellness,



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