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The Storm

Image credit: naturanaturans.net

The storm waves
are rising tall
on that
continuous glucose meter
of mine

Big whitecaps
that match
my blood sugars
with a wind
that won't die down

Chaotic and turbulent
there is no respite
I can feel the discord
I can hear it too--
that mighty sound
of roaring waves
and the unrelenting blows
of the wind...

My blood sugars
ride on top of the waves
unwilling to come down
no matter what I do
to coax them
or hold their hand

It's almost like
they enjoy it
the high and mighty ride
the ferocity
the uncertainty of it all

What is it diabetes?!?

Is there something you need?

Please tell me!
for I do not like
these storms
as you seem to
it is not fun for me
they are exhausting
and make me feel so
and thirsty..
unmotivated too

Hush now
never fear
you are taking good care
of your body, mind and soul
just the way it asks
just the way it needs

You know what you are doing
whether it's been days, weeks
months or years
we figure out pretty quickly
the TLC this condition
demands incessantly

These storms will come
from time to time
it's okay
it happens to all of us!
they can be caused by

Those large fierce waves
will settle
calm will
restore the water and
your body again soon
leaving room
for happy blood sugars
and smiles too
all is well again

Know that patience
is required
to get through these storms
just like in nature
moments like these
will come from time to time

But then just like that
will fall back into place
the serenity
that was there
before the storm
will return once again
there may even be
rainbows or sunshine

Please know
this calm space
free from turmoil
is always available to you

For underneath
way far down
on the ocean floor
deep below the sea
is that calm
you seek
untouched by
the storm
untouched by the
waves above
thrashing about
out of control

This peace
this calm
and quiet
is there
waiting for you...

Sunset over Lake Minnewaska - Glenwood, Minnesota


In Peace & Wellness,



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