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We are not Wimps!

Do not ever for one second think you are a wimp. Or let anyone else think you are either. If you live with diabetes, no matter what kind, you are a strong person! You are a champion. A hero. A brave soldier. And a warrior. You are all of these things and more.

My morning shots..
This is what the start of each day looks like for me (and for many of you too..). Before I can drop a morsel of food in my mouth, before I can do anything I must inject myself with 3 shots. Long acting insulin, short acting insulin to cover the food I will eat and another hormone to replace one that is also not made in my pancreas.

If you do not live with diabetes, can you even imagine what this feels like? How much you might take for granted the simple act of eating without being jabbed by a sharp needle first?

I also have to prick my finger with another needle to take my blood sugar to determine what insulin dose I need. If you live with diabetes too, there is a good chance that your day starts out similar to mine, unless you wear an insulin pump*.

*Note: Not all individuals with diabetes take injections to receive their insulin which is called MDI or multiple daily injections. Many wear an insulin pump which eliminates for most multiple daily injections but still requires testing blood sugar up to ten or more times a day and a needle poke for infusion set changes every two to three days.

Look easy? It's not. Because you see, these are not the only three shots I will take today. I need another two shots before lunch and a finger prick. And before dinner I will take another two shots and a finger prick. I test my blood sugar up to ten times in one day. Each blood sugar test requires a prick administered by a needle into my finger.

If for any reason my blood sugar is high during the day I need to take another shot to correct my blood sugar and bring it back within range. This could happen for any number of reasons including miscounting the carbohydrate amount in my lunchtime meal to feeling a little stressed about something or running out of time to take as long of walk as I wanted or my body was needing.

Tomorrow when I wake up the cycle starts all over again. A finger poke. Three shots. And then breakfast.

This equates to about 500 needle pokes per month! That is almost 6,000 needle pokes in a year! Surely not easy in any sense of the word, that's for sure! This is just one of the many reasons we need a cure.

But we do it. Because this is what we must do to survive. We each have a pancreas that decided to stop working right or if you are a Type 1 like me, our pancreas decided to stop working at all.

And this is just the 'icing on the cake' so to speak of what life is like living with diabetes is like. We do not become immune to pain just because we are jabbing ourselves with needles multiple times a day.

Plenty of shots and finger pokes still hurt, some even more so---because our tissue has taken such a beating from having so many shots injected into its flesh year after year, month after month, day after day. This can cause our injection areas and fingers to become very tender and painful.

If you are going through a hard time, do not once let anyone think you are a failure or not strong just because you are shedding a few tears or feeling a little sad. It is a true act of bravery to willingly inflict pain on oneself through many needle pokes each day---just to stay alive!

So don't forget it kid, okay?

Because what we must do each day, just so we can make it to the next day (aka. survive!), is more than most people can handle once a year at the doctor.

Photo Credit: Type 1 Diabetes Memes (Find them on Facebook!)
We are all bound to have difficult days. Living a good life and balancing a challenging condition like diabetes is no walk in the park and is a lot of work. But keep plugging away. I believe in you. You are one tough cookie. Never forget it!

So let's keep finding the 'Peace Between the Pokes!!' Whattya say? :)

In Peace & Wellness,



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