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Alrighty folks! I am back! Quick update/recap before I start blowing up this page with meals, workouts and blood sugar levels!

This weekend was my 2nd bikini competition and 1st figure competition. I had a blast and I cannot wait to prep for my next show in November! I couldn't ask for a better team, coach, boyfriend or family. They all make this possible for me and I am on a mission!

For this next show, I am really going to experiment with my workouts and foods and how it is effecting my blood sugar pre and post eating/working out so that I can maintain the BEST glucose levels possible in order to get the best results. We all know how spiked in our blood sugar can cause our bodies to FREAK out; well mine is super sensitive to spike and my composition can change in a matter of days just by having a few bad readings. 

Competing is hard, as I have to remove my pump and rely on shots. The shots seemed to be more instant than my constant flow of insulin I get with the pump, so I would drop but then I would spike because I was only using my short acting insulin... yadda yadda yadda, I need to find my balance!

I enjoyed everything under the sun after my show from ceviche to ben and jerry's to cured meats and pasta to oysters and beer. That being said, my blood sugars have been whack and today I am back on track starting with some fasted cardio and lifting! It felt amazing to be back in the gym after almost a week and ALL of those carbs and sugars running around my body gave me a TON of energy to get through it. 

So keep posted as I will be finding a healthy balance for post show eating while training my ass off for November. I look forward to sharing my ups, my downs the good and the bads with all of you, because we are all in the same boat and there's no point in hiding it :)




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