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Life Does Not Have to Be Perfect to Be Wonderful

As diabetics, we are bombarded with myriad variables that are like dodging bullets on a day to day basis. These can hurt, they can throw us on the ground, but then we always get back up a little better, a little stronger and a heck of a lot more motivated to do better.

We live by numbers. I know that I do a happy dance to myself when my blood sugar falls between 90 and 150. If it's between 150-200 I know that I can exercise without going hypo and if I am over 200, it's probably because my insulin pump site is kinked because, in my mind, there is nothing I put into my body that I don't have calculated down to a science to compensate for. Then again, I have type 1 diabetes.

Can you imagine life without counting carbs, calculating blood sugar to insulin dosage or correction, counting calories, portioning out your food, macronutrients, filling your syringe/cannula/taking your pill, remembering to have your supplies and back up at all times, test strips everywhere, you name it? Chances are these are the things that come second nature to you, so much so that anyone living without it is weird. How can they possibly go through a day eating that and not thinking about how it's going to affect their day?

Type 1 diabetes has been a blessing in diguise for me. It's been a true test of my personal power and what I am capable of, as many of you can relate to. It wasn't until later in my life that I really decided to care about it and realize that my life is worth so much more than just the numbers. I can't just live by the numbers. I went ahead on my own mission to become my healthiest self living with type 1 diabetes in hopes to reach and inspire others to take control of themselves and learning to live outside of their disease; to make their situation a positiive over a negative. 

We have all been dodging bullets when it comes to diabetes. maybe it's left you hospitalized, maybe you've lost friends or loved ones over it, maybe you still feel knocked down and don't feel you can ever get up from it, but if you can really look at how imperfect, how challenging and how hard you've got it you can put all of that energy into making diabetes a positive in your life, your health, your future, where the numbers are more manageable, the foods you choose make sense and the actions you take come full circle in the whole process. If you can, then I have done my job and you, yours. 

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