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Emotional Weather Report

It's late summer, the weather is beginning to shift towards fall, the kids are back at school or getting ready to return soon, and before you know it, the changes of autumn are in the air. How are you feeling as we enter the final month of summer? 

Fall Brings Change

The end of summer can be exciting for some of us. If you live in a place that has four seasons, the coming of fall can mean breaking out those cozy sweaters from the closet, taking walks in the falling leaves, and otherwise feeling the potential for excitement and change that fall can bring. 

However, for some of us, the fall weather (more clouds, rain and colder temperatures), can bring about an emotional slump, with full knowledge that winter and the holiday season are just around the corner.

Emotional Weather Report

With summer slowing down and the sense that fall is beginning to ramp up, how do you feel inside? What's your emotional weather report right now? 

Are you cloudy with a chance of tears? Are you sunny and ready for anything? Are you gloomy with foreboding skies? Are you feeling cold and shivery? 

Your emotional life is key to your overall health, and being aware of your internal "weather" is a helpful tool for self-awareness. 

What does your inner meterologist say today? When you close your eyes and check in, how's the weather? 

Weathering the Storm

No matter how you feel today, tomorrow may be different. That said, no matter how you feel this morning, the afternoon may bring entirely different emotions to your inner landscape. 

One of the signs of resilience is the ability to weather the storm, ride the waves of emotion, and otherwise accommodate your shifting emotions. Some of us can get caught up in one feeling state and have a difficult time moving on, whereas others can easily move through their emotions and ride those waves with ease. 

There's no right or wrong, but cultivating emotional resilience and emotional intelligence is a very powerful way to grow emotionally. 

Resilience, No Matter the Weather

No matter how you react to your inner emotional landscape, there's always room for change and growth, and building resilience will serve you well. If this speaks to you, look for a counselor or therapist who can help you in this regard. Workshops focused on emotional resilience, emotional intelligence or emotional resilience can also offer you many helpful tools. 

So, mind your emotional landscape, monitor your emotional weather report, and learn to ride those waves with skill and equanimity. 

Here's to resilience amidst the storm! 

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