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As The Holiday Season Looms

Well, it’s that time of year again. The summer has ended, autumn has returned, and Halloween is just around the corner. And with the coming and going of Halloween, we know that Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Kwanzaa, Hanukah and other holidays are also on the horizon.

Fun and Funner

The holiday season can be great fun, and it can also be a challenge for those who need to be more nutritionally mindful than others. As your family and friends gorge themselves almost to death, you need to maintain your conscientious adherence to a diabetic lifestyle while also having fun.

So, there’s fun to be had by all, and if we don’t feel the need to measure our happiness and fun by how much over-indulgence we take part in, sometimes we can feel much happier at the end of the day, despite our need to be more careful than others when it comes to our indulgences.

Moderation Is Your Friend

When it comes to holiday foods, moderation is generally a great barometer of how to handle the onslaught of so many foods that you usually try to avoid. If your control is pretty solid and you know how to compensate when you go off the nutritional tracks a little, make decisions with certainty and do your best to keep your barometer in good working order.

If your self-control is not as strong, look for ways to stay in control, without losing the sense of fun that can come from feeling deprived while everyone else goes wild.

Remaining Conscientious

Once Halloween and its plethora of candy passes us by, the holidays and parties just keep coming through November, December and early January, and we can be hard pressed to stay in that conscientious place of moderation throughout the long holiday season.

If you need support, look to your peers, medical providers, nutritional counselors and diabetic educators for the support and advice you need. If you know a peer who needs support, offer it. And if you have strategies and tools that work for you, share them readily with those who are interested or curious.

Self-Forgiveness is Key

In the course of the season, if you have moments when you really over-indulge, take it easy on yourself. Self-forgiveness is key here, and cutting yourself some slack can go a long way.

In light of the social pressures to eat, drink and be merry, we can sometimes feel like party-poopers if we don’t drink and eat along with everyone else. And if you are indeed drinking, that can indeed lead to a lessening of your inhibitions and a potential for indulgences that you would normally avoid.

No matter what happens, be a gentle coach for yourself, and if things go a little awry one day, make up for it the next with increased thoughtfulness and a more circumspect attitude to your nutrition and diabetic self-care.


The holidays are really about enjoyment, and even though enjoyment is often equated with food, there are many other ways to relish the holidays.

Friends, family, laughter, music, gifts, travel, children, and other special aspects of the holidays are what make it special, and those relationships and the love generated by them are by far the most important of all.

Enjoy your holidays, be as conscientious as you can be, and reap the benefits of a healthy, happy and fun holiday season.

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