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Moderating Your Moderation

In last week's post, I wrote about doing things with moderation, but also connecting with the energy and notion of wild abandon. Did you resonate with that? 

Wild abandon is a good thing, and last week I also cautioned that wild abandon doesn't have to pertain to going wild on your carb intake or otherwise messing with your diabetic control. I wrote that wild abandon can pertain to artistic endeavors, play, having fun, and doing things that allow you to experience spontaneity and joy in ways that do no harm to you or others. I think we can all agree that this is a very good idea. 

In terms of diabetes management, wild abandon is definitely not the way to go, and moderation is truly the clear course of action that will allow you to live a healthy life and keep your diabetes in check. That pesky HgB A1c is an important marker, and you want to be happy with the results and maintain as tight control as you can without going crazy. 

But What About Moderation? 

Having said all of this, you have probably experienced "moderation fatigue" at times, haven't you? You watch your coworkers drink like fish. Your family members and friends eat anything they want to eat at any time they want. In the face of such behavior on the part of others, your self-imposed dietary moderation must sometimes become tiring, or at least somewhat of a drag. 

So, all of that conscientious moderation may sometimes be maddening, tiring, and altogether boring, and you must sometimes want to throw caution to the winds and go on a carbohydrate bender, right? 

Well, like it or not, that moderation may extend your life considerably, and although you're stuck with it, what can you do to assuage the feelings that sometimes make it seem like a life sentence? Do you have to feel deprived when everyone else is having a great time? 

Moderating Moderation

If you want help moderating your moderation, there are countless professional diabetes experts, diabetic peer experts, and others who may be able to advise you on how to play this game in a way that won't compromise your health. 

Registered dieticians, diabetic educators and endocrinologists may have some key information at their disposal to help you in this area. Furthermore, online diabetes chat groups and other sites may also lend their hand in helping you to get a handle on this aspect of your diabetes management. 

Again, the experts may be professionals, but they may also be your peers!

The Emotional Side

If you need assistance or support on the emotional side around these moderation and diabetic lifestyle issues, seek out peer groups, support groups, online support systems, and local professionals who can help you. Living with a chronic illness can be a burden at times, and getting the right support can be crucial to your happiness and health. 

Make sure you have a support system that supports you in the areas where you need it, and reach out and ask for what you need. 

Moderation Is What It Is

Moderation may not always be fun, but it's also a key to your success in living a healthy, balanced life. Whem moderation becomes too much, ask for help and get the counsel you need to stay focused and clear. 

Being moderate in your diet and your lifestyle is what it is, and processing and sharing your frustrations and feelings is important. You can learn how to moderate your moderation to some extent that's healthy and practical, and you can also practice wild abandon in the areas of your life that are safe to do so. 

Practice makes perfect, and evem moderation sometimes needs a tweak here or there. Tweak wisely, and enjoy each day with wold abandon!

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