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Practicing Self-Compassion in the New Year

Apropos of last week's post about setting measurable, attainable goals for yourself, this is a great time to talk about self-compassion. Wouldn't you agree? 

Self-Compassion is Key

Whether you made New Year's resolutions or just set an intention for 2015, the potential for not measuring up to the promises you've made to yourself is always there. 

So, let's say that you made a promise to yourself to not drink any alcohol for the month of January in an effort to recover from the excesses of the holiday season. You might feel very smug and self-satisfied on the 15th when you've made it halfway through the month, but you may find your resolve weakening, even as you congratulate yourself for your success. And then, on the 16th, you decide to have a glass of wine. Have you "failed"? Have you let yourself down? What do you say to yourself now? 

Gently, Gently

Well, yes, you may have "only" made it 15 days, but what was it like for you to achieve that? How many obstacles, challenges, roadblocks, and temptations did you face in order to make it halfway to your goal? Sure, you didn't make it to the 31st, but the 16th was pretty good, wasn't it? 

While you may not have made it to the 31st, you can celebrate that you did indeed make it to the 16th, and when the 17th dawns, you can just start again, can't you? 

This is the key time to be gentle, self-forgiving, compassionate, easy-going...and determined to start again. Remember, this may be a moment of having not lived up to your promise to yourself, but it is also a moment for the celebration of your accomplishment. 

Go gently, be compassionate, wake up tomorrow, and start again. 

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