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Sharpening Your Awareness

In the course of our busy lives, we can sometimes lose touch with many aspects of both the short- and long-term aspects of our health. In a world where we're hard pressed to find time to keep track of the many details of our lives, we can sometimes lose sight of the important things, and we find that the level of health or satisfaction that we usually enjoy decreases over time. 

mindfulnessSharpening our awareness through mindfulness and paying close attention to both the macro and the micro can truly alter the course of our lives, and increase our health, happiness, and satisfaction.


In Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction as founded and created by Jon Kabat-Zinn, students learn techniques in mindfulness that can decrease stress, sharpen the mind, improve health, and lead to many types of self-discovery in terms of well-being and healthy living. 

In places like Thich Nhat Hahn's Plum Village in rural France, students from the world over use mindfulness practices to increase awareness of the mind, the heart, and the connection with one's inner self. 

The University of Massachusetts Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society also utilizes mindulness practices that are based in clinical science and the latest research in the mind-body connection.

Even the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association has published peer-reviewed research on the subject.  


Awareness in health is key, and when it comes to diabetes, remaining awake and aware are paramount. 

  • If we are aware of the effects of our nutritional choices, we can choose to make better choices
  • If we are aware that the stress of caring for our diabetes is impacting our marriage, we can seek professional guidance in managing that stress so that its impact on our relationships is more easily controlled. 
  • When we don't sleep well, we can't focus, and our quality of life decreases. If we can maintain mindful awareness of the lifestyle choices that effect our sleep, we can then make other choices and reverse the trend. 

The Research Is In

As mentioned above, the research about mindfulness and focused awareness is in; there's no arguing that maintaining a mindful awareness of our inner experience and our health can lead to improved outcomes and a happier life. When we fail to look inward and we choose to be unmindful, this can lead to unnecessary problems and challenges. 

You may choose prayer or yoga as your mindfulness practice; or perhaps walking is the way that you connect with yourself and look inside. Whatever you do, that mindful awareness of your inner state, your relationships, your health, and your choices can very positively impact your life and health. 

Mindfulness is in. Are you ready to be more mindful?



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