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Well-Being and Being Well

We all want to be well, and we all want to maintain (and consistently increase) our well-being. Your well-being includes your physical health, mental and psychological health, as well as your emotional and spiritual health. That said, even your financial health and the state of your home impact your well-being, and some would argue that they're just as important. 

Where Does Well-Being Begin? 

Well-being begins where you want it to begin. Sure, your physical health may come to mind first, but if you lose your job and suddenly can't buy groceries, your financial well-being becomes pretty darn important, doesn't it? 

Similarly, if you experience the death of a loved one and have trouble eating well due to stress and grief, the spiritual/emotional challenge of grief and loss is now directly impacting your physical health and your blood sugar control. 

Well-being begins and ends at many places. It's more of a series of intersecting circles than a continuum, and those overlapping and intersecting circles inform every aspect of your life. 

Start Where You Are

In terms of maintaining your well-being, start where you are, not where you think you should be. 

Does your emotional life need tending? That's a good place to lean in and get the support you need. Is your physical health suffering? Look for ways to boost it, or find someone who can assist you in doing so. 

Is there a spiritual void in your life? Are you grieving a loss? Who or what can support you in that area of your life? 

Being well is a multifaceted and lifelong endeavor, and you may find times where one aspect of your life is more important than another. Sometimes our physical health takes precendence (maybe we need surgery or a special procedure), or at other times we need a psychotherapist to help us navigate a rough patch. 

Day to Day Awareness

So, start where you are, continue on whatever path is most helpful and healthy, and maintain your awareness of what's most important from day to day, and moment to moment. Your needs may change with the wind, so stay aware, stay awake, and remain cognizant of what you need most. 

Your well-being and wellness are paramount. Tend them like a garden.

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